Network marketing – What to do when you hit a plateau


Are you in the middle of a network marketing plateau?



network marketing plateau



You can hit a plateau in any business and network marketing is no exception. What is a plateau and what can you do when you find yourself in the middle of one?


In business, a plateau is a place where your business is no longer growing. It’s not shrinking, but it’s not getting any bigger either. You’re at a stand still.


A plateau can occur for several reasons. Here are the 2 most common reasons a network marketing business can hit a plateau.


First, a business can hit a plateau because no one is doing any business building activities. No one is making any new sales or recruiting any new people into the business. The second is when your business is “spinning its wheels.” This is when there is some activity, but the new business is about equal to the amount of business that is being lost.


If someone in your organization recruits a new person and somewhere a current distributor quits, you’re “spinning your wheels.” Yes, everyone can be working, but they are losing the same amount of business at the same time.


There are things that you can do to help your organization to not hit a plateau or get off of one if you find yourself there.


Whether or not your organization is on a plateau, you can encourage your distributors to get more customers. No one likes to sell, but sales are the bread and butter of every network marketing company! All of the money that you will ever be paid from a network marketing company will come from the sale of its products. Having a larger customer base is always a good thing. I usually suggest that every distributor be able to make at least $500.00 per month just off of retail sales profit and the commission from those sales. That can mean that everyone should have between 20 and 40 regular customers. Those are the kind that reorder the products every month.


making money in network marketing is critical


The other thing you can do is to ask your current distributors to recruit more people into their business. If your business is on a plateau, this is no time to be shy. Offer up a bonus to anyone who recruits someone new during the next 30 days. If your company pays a bonus, to you, when someone else recruits a new distributor, offer up part of that money. You need to jump start your business and getting new activity will go a long way towards accomplishing that.


Having a good retention program in place will help you to avoid plateaus and allow you to build on a solid foundation!


The best way to retain distributors is to help them to become profitable, as quickly as possible! I cannot stress that enough. Almost everyone joins a network marketing company to make money. If they aren’t making money, it is much easier for your distributors to quit. If they are making any money at all, it is much more difficult to walk away from their business.


The best way to retain customers is to show them some appreciation. Everyone should send a little thank you card to all of their customers. They should do that every 30 to 60 days. If there is enough profits from the sales to them, you could consider sending them a small gift, periodically. Remember, customers are the life blood of your business. Retaining as many customers as you can is a priority for every business owner!


Plateaus are going to hit every business. You just need to be aware that they can happen and have a plan in place to move your business past them if you find yourself in the middle of one.


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