Network marketing – What’s holding you back?


Network marketing is a tough business


There are many things that can hold a network marketer back. As it turns out, network marketing is a difficult business to build.



The top 7 reasons you can’t get out of your own way


Network marketing is a peculiar business. On the surface, it’s an extremely easy business to build. You just talk to a lot of people about joining your business with you and eventually you’ll reach the top levels of your company’s pay plan. It sounds easy, right?


However, what most people find, and what I mean by most, is about 99% of them, his to be one of the most difficult businesses to build and be successful in. Even knowing that 99% of people will find this business difficult, if not impossible to build, thousands and thousands of people join a network marketing company every month.


That’s peculiar!


What makes this business so difficult, when it sounds so easy to do?


I look back on my many tries to be successful, in this industry, and my many failures and I wondered why I couldn’t make it work. I’ve put some thought into the matter and here are the top 7 reasons why I couldn’t get out of my own way and become successful.


Afraid of looking silly


Network marketing has developed quite a stigma around it. Over the years, we’ve had distributors chase their friends and family member half around the world trying to convince them to join their business. Those distributors would do anything to get to the top levels and make the big bucks. You can hardly blame them, but the rest of the industry has suffered for it!


If you’re involved in network marketing, you’ll be guilty by association. Most people are going to see you as someone who is just like all of those other distributors. Are people going to see you as being silly for wanting to get involved in the network marketing business? Maybe.


network marketers could look silly


I never wanted to be perceived as being stupid, so approaching new people about the network marketing business has always been very difficult for me!


Thinking they wouldn’t be interested


How many times have you looked at an employee and thought to yourself that they have a good paying job, why would they be interested in signing up with a network marketing company? If you think about that for a few minutes, you should be able to answer your own question. The wouldn’t be interested, because they have a good paying job.


I’ve heard numbers as high as 70% of Americans don’t really like their jobs. Is today the day that they finally do something about this? Who knows, but it could be!


Fear of rejection


When network marketers first get started, hearing the word “No” from a prospect can derail all of their dreams. Having a prospect tell you “No” is all part of the game. You should be prepared to hear “No” up to 98% of the time. As you get better at this business, you should be able to reduce that to 75% or maybe 50%, if you’re really good!




A lot of distributors are waiting until the time is perfect to talk to someone. They have a preconceived notion of how things are going to go, once they talk to their prospect. When the conditions don’t meet their idea of perfect, they will not talk to their prospects. Things are never going to be perfect. They might not ever be close to perfect. You just have to suck it up and let the chips fall where they may.


Not wanting to be seen as making money off of your friends


can you take money from friends in nework marketing


There are some network marketers who don’t think that it’s right to be making money off of their friends and family members. There’s nothing wrong with making money. I know it’s human nature to want to help your friends and family members. If you want to pass along some sort of discount on your products, you can. I would suggest giving away the retail profit and you get keeping the commission. I would also suggest that you wait until your business is in profit before giving that discount. You can let your friends know that they have to help you get into profit before they get the discount. Let them drum up some business for you!


You can also let them know that they can get the product at the lowest possible price, if they will sign up with your company.


Not wanting to cause harm


Like I said, network marketing is a rough and tumble business. It’s not for everyone. Odds are that it will kick you around some and you may not have the resolve to stick with it. Why would you want to put your friends and family members through that? Why would you want to put anyone through that? If you thought that it would be easy, then maybe you’d feel more comfortable talking to people about joining your business.


It comes down to a risk versus reward break down. If you feel the risks are greater then the rewards, then you won’t talk to anyone. If you can flip that to the rewards outweigh the risks, it would be much easier to justify talking to people. Until you can convince yourself that the upside potential is a real and achievable thing, you’re going to have problems approaching people about your business.


Fear of losing a friend


don't be a network marketer in a china shop


This can happen if you are not trained properly. If you are the proverbial bull in a China shop, you could start to lose friends as you try to bully people into your business. You can avoid this by learning how to app

roach the people in your warm market. Never try to bully someone into your business. If you are able to convince someone to join your business, they probably won’t do much with it anyway.

There you have it. My top 7 reasons why network marketing distributors find it difficult to approach people about their businesses. If you have any others, please feel free to share them in the comment section below!


What I’ve found is that having a real plan of action that an be used by others to become successful will overcome most of these things.


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