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Yes, the title is in reference to the very first Star Wars movie.


I’ve been doing some thinking about the network marketing business. That’s always dangerous!


I’ve been listening to some of the gurus in the industry, lately. I’m not sure if I would go out of my way to recommend doing that or not. There are times that one can get some decent information from them or glean some sort of insight into an industry where most people fail to succeed.


The gurus continually say that they want to impact as many lives as they can. The word impact means: have a strong effect on someone or something. What does strong effect mean? I notice that it doesn’t say anything about the strong effect being good or bad. One can impact someone else’s life in a positive or a negative way.


Wouldn’t it be nice if a guru said, “I just want to help you to succeed and it doesn’t matter if I make my usual $800,000 on this product or not.” I don’t think that there is much of a chance that they will ever say something like that. They are too happy to tell you that their goal is to have a business that grosses $100,000,000 per year. They don’t say that their goal is to have 500 rank and file network marketers reach the top levels of their network marketing company’s pay plan.


Sorry! This is turning into a full fledged rant against the gurus. That wasn’t my intention. Listening to the gurus got me to think about the network marketing business.


My thoughts were this.


The network marketing business is so weird! No other business is ever run the way that network marketers are told to run their businesses. None!


What would happen if you ran a “traditional” business the way that you’ve been taught to run your network marketing business?


For the sake of argument, let’s say that you’ve started your own plumbing business. If you go through the old yellow pages you can find dozens and dozens of plumbers located near you. They are obviously in demand. You would think that you could do well in that industry. However, you are now going to run it like it’s a network marketing business.


You’re not allowed to put a listing in the phone book or online. You can’t put the name of your company on Facebook. You have to use generic terms like plumber and plumbing, not a company name. Your other option is to go to the malls and talk to whoever walks by.


are you advertising your network marketing business


You can use drop cards, as long as it doesn’t contain your business name.


However, you’re encouraged to talk to your warm market first. You can call everyone you know and ask if they’d like to support your plumbing business and have a new kitchen sink installed.


Let’s say that you decide to go to the mall and talk to people there. You walk up to someone and say, “Hi, do you keep your options open when it comes to installing water heaters?” They look at you funny and wonder what planet you’re from.


Next time you strike up a friendly conversation and at the end of it you say, “Hey, if you ever need a plumber call me.” You hand them your generic card and hope that somewhere along the line they have a leaky faucet or broken pipe and call you.


Next you try a home meeting. You have a video made of all the different kinds of services and products that you have. You sit everyone down in front of your television and play the video. Again, you hope that someone there needs a new bathroom installed.


How many plumbers would survive this kind of nonsense? How many of them would reach a 6 figure income? Probably not many.


Doesn’t all of this sound a lot like how network marketers are taught to run their businesses?
Is it any wonder why so many people can’t make it in network marketing?


A plumber would try to find many different places in which they could advertise their business. When someone needs a plumber they look in the yellow pages or online to find a plumber who is located near them and has reasonable prices.


What if we ran our businesses more like a “traditional” business? What if we had an advertising budget to spend every month? What if we were all told that information, before we joined? The prospects would know that they will need to spend $100, $200, $500 per month or more in order to build a 6 figure business. Then they could make a well informed decision to join network marketing or not.


 does your network marketing business have a fighting chance


At least you’d know that those people who joined had a fighting chance.


I’m not saying that you can’t build a big business without spending a lot of money on advertising. I’ve read all of the stories about people who built their businesses on social media and did it without spending a lot of money. However, those stories are the exception and not the rule.


I know that there a lot of people who built big businesses before the internet was built. They did it by talking to people face to face.


If you look at the success numbers in the industry, you find that 97% of people fail to make any money at all.


About 50% of all new, small, “traditional” businesses will survive their first 5 years and 50% of all network marketers will barely survive 3 months. Something needs to change!


Why shouldn’t you buy all of the gurus products? They worked for them, right? Yes, but they had strategies that were geared to their particular personality and to their set of skills. If you have the same personality type and the same skill set as they do, then you might stand a chance to make their strategies work for you. They had the intangibles as well. Like drive and determination. If you have all of those things working for you, then you might just succeed with their strategies. If not, you just wasted a lot of time and a lot of money.


There are relatively few skills that you need to get good at in order to build a big business. You need to know how to invite people to see a business presentation and get them to show up for it. You’ll need to know how to follow up with them in order to get them to sign up. You’ll need to know how to train them to do those same things. Then you just have to advertise to your target market. A target market is the set of people who would most likely be interested in your company’s products or services and those that would be interested in having a business of their own.


It’s really not much more complicated than that.


My wish for you is that this gives you hope. Hope that you too can build a big business!


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