Is network marketing just another job?


Network marketing is a business, right?


network marketing and time freedom


Self employment is wonderful, right? Some times it seems that it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread and at other times it seems like just another job. If you happen to own a traditional business, then you probably have a few employees to manage. You have a bunch of clients that you have to answer to. Is it really self employment or is it middle management? It seems like you’re caught between your employees and the clients. You take on all of the liability for everything your employees do and don’t do. On top of all of that, you’re responsible for drumming up enough business to keep all of your employees happy and working. If you’re unlucky, you’re still working in your business and you may even be doing some of the work that comes in.


If you’re in a network marketing company, then you know how much better you have it. You don’t have any employees to manage. You have Independent Business Owners that you have to train and help them to be successful. This is so much easier than managing employees! You don’t have a boss, but you do have an upline who thinks they are your boss. You have customers that you have to keep happy, even when they are telling you that they can buy the same thing at the local Wal-Mart for half the price.


A traditional business and a network marketing business don’t sound that much different. Neither one of them sound like a walk in the park.


You say that you have unlimited income potential when you own your own business. That could be true and that’s one of the reasons that owning a business is better than having a real job. In a real job, you’re always going to be limited as to how much money you can make.


You say, network marketing can give you time freedom!


Can it? Can it really? I think a better question would be, will it? Will it give you time freedom?


is network marketing just another job


I found an Income Disclosure Statement (IDS) from an MLM called Viridian. It’s located in this pdf. This is very typical of what I’ve seen after reading dozens of IDS.


As you can see, the distributors who are making less than $100 per month are working between 4 and 8 hours per week. There are people who are working an average of 21 hours per week who are making $6,100 per month. To me, that’s not the kind of money that would give you time freedom. If you look at the highest ranks, you’ll see that those people are making $500,000 per year or more. Now that’s time freedom money, right? If you look, you’ll see that those people are working over 40 hours per week.


Hmm …


That doesn’t sound like time freedom to me. It seems more like a high paying job. At least it’s high paying!


What I want to know is what happens to your income if you take this to mean time freedom and you pretty much stop building your business? Does your income go down? Do you have enough people on your team that can sustain your income at the levels to which you’ve become accustom to?


I ask you again. Is network marketing just another job?



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