Network marketing – join for the products … stay for the money



Why did you join network marketing?


join network marketing for the products


I was thinking back on the time that I saw my first business presentation. It was for Amway. A high school buddy tracked me down and said that he had to show me a great way to make money. I had to drive 45 minutes to get to his house. Thinking back, I should’ve made him drive to my house! He preceded to draw those infamous circles on his brand new white board. Back then, Amway’s battle cry was, “you, me 6-4-3.” That was the number of recruits you needed, in each level, to hit Direct Distributor. If I remember correctly, a Direct Distributor was said to make $14,000 per year. I think the minimum wage was $2.45 per hour. That $14,000 would be like making $42,000 per year in today’s economy. For a then 22 year old, that didn’t seem so bad. I was hooked.


I have to say that I surprised myself. I actually asked about the products that Amway offered for sale. My sponsor showed me the car wax. He claimed that it could buff out scratches. He worked on my car for a long time trying to get out this one scratch. It did an okay job on it, but it didn’t remove the scratch. He also showed their flagship product, LOC. LOC turned out to be a really good cleaner. I thought that I could sell those products, so I didn’t think twice about signing up. I didn’t know much about the prices of cleaning chemicals, at the time.


I was able to sell some products over the course of the 2 years I was a distributor. I always lost money and I had to leave the business. I really liked to concept of network marketing and being able to make a little money from each of my team members. I really liked the fact that an upline was incentivized to help everyone below them. Unfortunately, I never really experienced that help.


I will admit that I joined because of the big money that my sponsor talked about. He told me that I’d be making $100,000 per year in no time. That was the good news. The bad news was that I believed him.


I was talking to some 20 somethings, the other day. They had just joined a network marketing company. I think that they were prospecting me, but I’m not entirely sure about that. I asked them why they joined the business. They all said, “For the money.”


I think that most network marketers join, “For the money.”


don't join network marketing for the money


I think that is a big part of the problems that network marketing has. People tend to join because of the lure of easy money and they don’t really pay attention to the products. When someone gets you to sit down, see your first or second business presentation and they fill your head with those promises of fabulous riches, I mean, you have to give that some consideration. If it’s true, there are hundreds of thousands of dollars available to you.


The problem is that all business presentations are about the same. They all promise a lot of money for the person who is able to do that much work. Then they tell you that you only have to do that work one time and you will be paid for the rest of your life. Due to attrition, I’m not even sure that that’s true. Customers and distributors will quit at alarming rates. If you were to really stop working, would you really get paid for the rest of your life? Maybe your organization grows or at least stays the same. Maybe it shrivels up and dies on the vine.


In my opinion, joining any company “for the money” is the wrong thing to do. What differentiates each company is the products that they sell. I say join the company that has products that you love. Be sure that they are reasonably priced and in demand.


there's no money in network marketing without sales


There is no “big money” in any network marketing company without selling the products. If you are relying on your downline to purchase the products and that’s how you will make your money, then you are probably in a pyramid scheme and the FTC will catch up to you and your company, sooner or later.


If you love the products that your company has then it will be much easier for you to sell them. If you can sell them, then you can become profitable. If you are profitable, then you are less likely to quit the business and you can also teach other people how to be profitable. If people are profitable, in your downline, you’ll make a lot of money in this business!


If anyone joins a network marketing company because of the money, I think they are making a mistake. If you can’t look me in the eye and say, “I love my company’s products,” then you may want to think about switching companies. Find products that you can sell, with ease!


Because there is NO money until the products are sold.


This is why I am saying, join network marketing for the products – stay for the money!


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