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Network marketing, at its core, is a skills-based business. If you have these skills or can learn these skills, you can do very well in the business. If you don’t have the skills, it will be a tough business to build. If you don’t have the skills, how can you learn them and what is the best way to learn them?


I compare learning the skills that you’ll need in network marketing, to learning how to play the piano. You can show up at the keyboard and not have any idea of what to do. You look at it and there are 88 keys. Some of them are black and most of them are white. You see the three foot pedals at the bottom of the piano and wonder why you have to play with your feet.


You scratch your head and sit down on the bench. You hit the keys with your finger and it makes a terrible sound. You keep banging and banging, but all that comes out is a mess of sound. You grow tired of that and you figure out that you don’t have the required skills to be able to play the piano.


You’re not to be deterred.


You go to the local music store and buy a book on how to play the piano. The first thing you notice is that each key represents a note so you tape the letters of the notes onto the keys. You read a little more and you start to understand how the piano is supposed to be played. After a few days, you’re able to play Mary had a Little Lamb. After a few months of reading and practicing, you go back to the music store and get a more advanced book.


You’re able to play some of the easier songs, but for the most part, this new book is too hard for you to learn. The harder songs take months and months of trial and error until you figure out how to play them. This is tougher than you thought. You go on YouTube and watch a bunch of videos. This helps, but it still takes time to learn the songs.


Finally, you break down and sign up for piano lessons at the music shop. The piano teacher helps you and walks you through the learning process. What would’ve taken you years of frustration can be learned n a matter of weeks or months.


you need network marketing skills


Learning the skills of network marketing.


Learning to play the piano sounds a lot like how most network marketers learn how to operate their businesses. The network marketer will try to learn as much as they can for the least amount of money. They just paid $300 to join their company, the last thing they need is another big expense. They read books, listen to CDs and go on YouTube to learn how to run a business. It’s slow going and can lead to a lot of frustration.


Sooner or later a frustrated network marketer will quit. If you have an eye on network marketing success, I’d suggest finding a teacher or coach who will greatly increase the speed at which you learn the skills of the network marketing business.


Yes, you can learn a lot from reading books, listening to CDs and taking courses, but if you want to accelerate your learning curve, you should think about hiring someone who has done what you want to do and let them teach you what they know.


It can get to be an expensive investment, but if you just reinvest your profits in your education I think that you’ll find that it is a wise decision to make!



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