Can network marketing be done part time?


Can a network marketing business be built in your spare time?




 network marketing in your spare time




 I’ve heard it said that, you can build a network marketing business full time. You can build it part time but, you can’t build it in your spare time. I’m here to disagree with that last part. I believe that you can build a business in your spare time.



Most people who start a network marketing business, do so on a part time basis. I’ve never met anyone who started out as a full time network marketer. Since most people who come to this business already have a full time job, it isn’t practical for them to start out as a full time distributor.



I’ve only known one person who went full time without having a full time income, in this business. His name is Gerry. He was an engineer. I guess he really didn’t like his job. He got into network marketing. At first, he was part time. He didn’t have much luck. He finally decided that if he wanted to be successful, that he’d have to be full time. He quit his engineering job and was a full time distributor. That’s the good news. The bad news was that he only had a small income from his network marketing business.



Gerry had a small income from network marketing



I remember asking him why he did it. He told that he had enough of the job and “had” to find something else to do. He had quit his job with very little income. I have to take my hat off to him. I don’t think that I could have done that!



The good news is that he had no choice but, to be a successful network marketer! Within 18 months he reached the top level of the compensation plan.



After he had accomplished so much, in such a short time, he confided in me that he was scared to death, in the beginning. He would never recommend that anyone try that. It worked for him but, he wasn’t sure that anyone else could do it.


Network marketing in your spare time


We know that most people build a business part time but, can you build a business in your spare time?



If you are willing to, actually, conduct your business during your spare time then, yes, you can build it in your spare time!



7 hours per week in network marketing is part time



I consider 7 hours per week to be part time. I would think that spare time would be 1-2 hours per week. That’s not much time to build a business but, I do think it is possible.



You could be a stay at home mom that goes to a play date with other moms in your area. You could use that time to prospect the other moms. You would have to be very well trained so you don’t alienate anyone there. You don’t want to get yourself kicked out of the group.



You could have a full time job, during the day and go to the gym in the evening. You could prospect there too.



do you have an elevator speech for your network marketing business



Maybe you are out and about and find yourself in an elevator, with someone. Yeah, you got it.

You’ll need proper network marketing training


Since you are building a business with so little time, you might actually find that you have to do a better job. You will have to be as efficient as you can be. You’re not going to be able to waste a lot of time or energy. You would need to get the job done quickly and move on to the next person.



How many people could you prospect in 2 hours if that’s all the time that you had to conduct your business?



In these, “stolen moments,” you may get 3-5 minutes to talk to someone. In 2 hours, would you be able to talk to 24 people? Even if you only talked to half that many, you’d get to prospect as many as 12 people per week.

use stolen moments to build your network marketing business



How many people do you talk to per week, now?



That may not be a fair question. Since, you are probably part time and not building a business in your spare time.



Really. How many people do you talk to, now? Is 12 more than you talk to? Maybe you should find a way to talk to more people!



The conclusion that I come to, it that yes you could build a business in your spare time as well as part time. You will need to be well trained and you will need to be very efficient, as well!  Network marketing can be built in your spare time!



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