Is network marketing a sales business?


Network marketing is all about selling products


network marketing is about selling


It never ceases to amaze me that network marketers are very willing to tell people that we aren’t in the selling business. Of course we are and if we don’t sell the products, we don’t have a business. If the distributors are the only ones who buy the products then you have a scam.


One of the most often heard objections to joining a network marketing business is that the prospect can’t sell or doesn’t like to sell. They especially don’t like to sell things to their families and friends. That’s the worst! You aren’t supposed to charge your family for things. You’re supposed to help them out and give them stuff.


I’m terrible at selling stuff to my family. I’ve tried a few times, over the years, without much luck. There might have been once or twice that I was able to sell something to a family member and I felt so bad that I let them have the product at my cost. I rationalize it that I didn’t make money from the retail profit, that I’d get paid on the back end. At least I’d get the points and my volume would grow. Hopefully, they liked the product and would get me some referrals.


To ease the pain of having to sell products, the average network marketer will tell their prospects that we don’t sell the products, we share them. Talk about sugar coating things.


We, as network marketers, are taught to liken the network marketing sales process to a waitress asking to refill a cup of coffee. A waiter or waitress will get their base pay no matter what the outcome of the coffee refill is. If they want to get a bigger tip, they can try to gauge how often their customers want their coffee “freshened up.” If they ask too often, they run risk of being perceived as pushy and if they don’t ask often enough they can be seen as not being attentive enough. It doesn’t have any effect on their pay whether or not the coffee is refilled.


My point there is that it’s a lot easier to say, “More coffee?” if it’s not likely to effect how much money you’re going to make.


It really isn’t the same for network marketers. Their pay is directly related to whether or not they make a sell or recruit someone.


would you like more coffee?


I realize that it’s a mindset thing and some people maybe be able to trick their mind into see them as the same thing. Some how, “More coffee?” and “Would you like to buy my products?” are equivalent. If you can actually pull that off, then good for you! I’m not so sure that many people are able to do that.


I can see that there is some element of sharing when a network marketer sells their products. They tell a story of how they found out about the products and how the products positively effected their lives. Hopefully, the prospect is looking for the same results that the distributor got from the products and they want to purchase the product from them!


That part is sharing! I’m not here to negated that part of the sales process. It’s an extremely important part of the process and can make selling the products that much easier.


There will some people who are “sold” on the products just your story and your results, but there will be more people who it will take a little more convincing. There can be many objections to buying your products. Some of them will be, “They cost too much.” and “The stuff I get at the local Walmart is just as good.”


You have two choices when they offer an objection to purchasing from you, you can tuck tail and run or you can finish out the sales process by answering these objections.


That part of the process isn’t sharing! That’s selling.


Getting your prospect from objections to giving you their credit card number is where the selling takes place.


Trying to tell your prospects that network marketers don’t sell, they share isn’t really lying to them, but it is telling them about 1/3 of the truth.


I know that most people don’t want to hear that network marketing is a selling business, but it is.



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