In network marketing, does one size fit all?



Can it be duplicated?


is duplication necessary in network marketing


You always hear a lot of talk about duplication, in network marketing. On the other hand, you hear a lot about doing what you can to stand out from the crowd. For some reason, I’m thinking that those two things are diametrically opposed. Maybe I’m mistaken.


My question is this, which part of the sales process are we supposed to be able to duplicate?


Is it lead generation? Could it be building rapport and inviting a prospect to see the business presentation? Is the actual presentation? Or maybe it’s the follow up.  Are we supposed to be able to duplicate answering of objections? How about training a new recruit? Maybe they mean duplicating the whole process?


It seems to me that it all starts with the lead generation process. There’s not much sense in being able to duplicate the rest of the process if you don’t have anyone to run through the process.


How important is it to be able to duplicate someone else’s lead generation method? We’re all told to start generating leads the same way. All you have to do is make a list of everyone in your warm market and you have your first batch of leads. I say first batch because odds are you won’t reach the top levels of your company’s compensation plan by just recruiting people in your warm market. You might find a couple of distributors in there and maybe a few people who will buy your products, but after that, you’re relegated to the cold market.


We’ve now seen that duplication of the warm market list didn’t make you rich and more than likely 50% of you have quit the business after trying to strike it rich there. Okay, maybe some of those made it to the 90 days mark before they quit.


Do we have to duplicate someone else’s lead generation methods in the cold market?


leads for your network marketing business


Let me stop here and inform you that not everyone is the same. I know that some of you already knew that, but that’s just for those that weren’t sure.


We are all different. We all have different talents and skills. Why would we want to do the same thing as someone else? I believe that we all should either create our own lead generation strategies or find someone’s who we think will suit our particular set of talents and skills. More than likely, we’ll put our own little spin on the “borrowed” method to make it suit us better. That’s the way it should be. We do this because one size doesn’t fit all in network marketing.


Is borrowing someone’s lead generating strategy duplication? I guess in a way it is, but odds are that it won’t have come from your sponsor.


Don’t let anyone talk you out of using a strategy, that works you, even if no one else will be able to do it! Use it and get your slice of the pie.


For those of you who are still drinking the network marketing Kool-Aid, I wish you the best of luck! If you have a strategy that works for you, I hope that you’re not trying to force your downline into using it. Maybe you should try to get them all to use it and see what happens. Maybe you’ll get some of them to use it and maybe some of them will be successful with it. If they aren’t able to successfully use it, what will happen to them? Do they figure that there must be something wrong with them since they can’t get it to work and do they just quit?


By all means, tell everyone that is on your team what strategy you’re using and then let them decide if it’s a fit for them. If it’s not, then work with them to find something that is better suited for them!



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