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Ain’t network marketing great?


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Gather ’round the camp fire and I will tell you a tale. The golden, red embers will warm you as the smoke fills the air. Sit back, relax and enjoy an unbelievable story of how upline can work against you.


When I’m done, you will shake your head in disbelief as surely no one would do something like this. Let me assure you that this is a very true story!


Many years ago, in a distant land, there lived a famous network marketer. He was making money with his network marketing business and many people came to learn his secrets. He turned them all away and told each that there are no secrets in this business. You must work diligently, for many years, before you will find success.


They were disappointed by his answers and left never to return.


Then one day, the famous network marketer recruited someone who had never been in network marketing. Ah, the dreaded newbie. The famous network marketer offered no training to the newbie.


“They must learn the business on their own.”


The newbie was disappointed by the news. How would they ever learn how to run a network marketing business?


For 18 long months the newbie did struggle. Then one day, as if a miracle had occurred, the newbie recruited someone of their own. This was cause for celebration, but it seemed no one cared. Again, the newbie was disappointed. The newbie was not going to be deterred. Try, try, try again, they did. Soon they had recruited someone else.
I say it was a miracle, because this new recruit was the famed and fabled home run hitter that all in the kingdom sought. This newbie, the home run hitter, rank advanced twice in their first 30 days. All in the kingdom were amazed by this feat. Still the famous network marketer was silent. Surely, they must be impressed.


home run hitter in network marketing


The home run hitter had brought new excitement to the group and all marveled at the accomplishments. The first newbie wanted to accomplish the sames feats as the home run hitter. She had been silent for many months. She was just too shy to ask anyone to come visit the group and see what they were doing.


The home run hitter had decided to let anyone in the kingdom come and gaze upon a true home run hitter. Bring guests too, as surely they will want to be part of this group once they have basked in the glory of the home run hitter.


The shy newbie decided that she too could rank advance, if she could just open her mouth and invite someone to see the home hitter. She mustered every ounce of courage that she could find and not only did she invite one guest, she invite two guests!


The day before the home hitter was to go on display, the famous network marketer decided that the newbies guests were not worthy of gazing upon the home hitter and she was told not to bring them.


The shy newbie thought, “What’s wrong with my guests? They too could be the next home run hitters. Who is to know? Please let me bring them!”




The famous network marketer was unimpressed by the pleas of the shy newbie.


On the appointed day, the shy newbie showed up to gaze upon the home run hitter. She was bitterly disappointed by the fact that her guests were deemed unworthy of being there. How would she ever rank advance if she was not given the chance?


No one had time for the shy newbie, the home run hitter was given all of the attention. The shy newbie slowly faded away and was never heard from again.




My story is true. I did “jazz it up” a bit to see if anyone would read the whole thing.


All of this actually happened to a friend of mine. Her recruit was asked not to bring 2 guests to a group, recruiting function. I couldn’t even repeat what I said, but it was something like, “You gotta be kidding me!”


I hate to say, “beware of your upline,” but you might want to keep an eye on them. You never know what they might do.


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