Network marketing success … in theory?


Brute Force

is network marketing success in your future


Network marketing seems so elusive to most people. Speaking from personal experience, it seems most people are a bit timid when it comes to talking to people about the business. They fear the outcome of that conversation.


Some network marketers would rather develop a new business presentation, a new advertisement or a new brochure, rather than face the reality of this business. They are exploring the theory of network marketing. They are trying to reinvent the wheel. There is no need to do that.


Most people in network marketing have heard of the legendary Bill Britt. Unfortunately, he passed away a couple of years ago. As I have previously stated, I got my start in network marketing with Amway. It was my good fortune to get to hear Bill Britt speak at an Amway convention in Washington, D.C. He certainly commanded the stage. When he finished speaking, you felt like you could conquer the world!




I have often wondered how people like Bill Britt and other big wigs make it to the top of the network marketing heap.


I found out what Bill Britt did to reach the top ranks of Amway. I’m here to give you the big secret!


In an interview, he gave many years ago, he gave it away. Here’s what he said that he did and the best part it is something that anyone can do.


Bill said, “I gave the business presentation to 1,200 people. Of those 1,200, 300 joined. Of those 300, only 89 ever did anything with the business. Of those 89, 11 made me a millionaire.”


I can see that you are scratching your head. Where’s the big secret, you ask?


Well, that’s just it. There isn’t a real secret to making it big in network marketing.


The people who make it big are those who are tenacious, they stick with it. They are not deterred and they do not give up. They won’t let anyone ruffle their feathers or get them to second guess their decision to go to the top. They are people who want it so badly that they are willing to go through the pain to get where they want to go.


if you want network marketing success being willing to hear NO


They are willing to hear “No,” over and over again. They are willing to be called crazy. They are willing to be told that no one ever makes money in that pyramid thing. They have the will to press on no matter what.


I’m going to call this method, the Brute Force Method!


Now you’re thinking that I must be crazy! I even gave this method a name. What gives?


Let me ask you this question. Are you willing to go through that kind of pain in order to get what you say you want from this business? Most people will say yes, but most people don’t do what they know needs to be done.


Then some of you will be naysayers. “That’s crazy! There’s no way that kind of strategy can work.”


How many times have you listened to the “gurus” of network marketing and heard them say that you just need to talk to enough people to be successful in this business? Honestly, I’ve never heard any of the “gurus” say anything much different than that.


They seem to have their own methods of generating leads, but when it comes down to it, you just need to talk to enough people and be unstoppable!


the secret to network marketing success


If this has been a secret to most people, it has been hiding in plain sight.


To the naysayers and anyone else who reads this article, I’d say prove me wrong! Go out and talk to 1,200 qualified prospects (anyone who says that they’d like to make some extra money each month) and show them your company’s business presentation and see what happens. If you’re not well on your way to be a successful network marketer, come back here and tell me and I’ll be happy to retract this article!


I’ll make it easier for you. Find 500 qualified prospects and do the same thing. If you can honestly tell me that this approach doesn’t work, then I’ll tell the world about it through my blog.


What are you waiting for?


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