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Everyone in network marketing is looking for the easy way to make it to the top levels of their company’s compensation plan. There really isn’t an easy way. There might be easier ways than others, but none are easy. Here are a few tips that if you will accept them and implement them, they should make things at least seem easier.


Network marketing Tips #1


No one is responsible for your success, but you. I’m not saying that you should have to go it alone. You should expect and get help from your sponsor or from others in your upline. This also means that you shouldn’t expect anyone to do the work for you. Honestly, you probably wouldn’t want anyone to do all the work for you.


Besides, you can’t control what your upline will do and you certainly won’t be able to control what your downline will do. All you can control is what you are doing.


Ultimately, your success is your responsibility!


Network marketing Tip #2


You need to make a commitment, to your current company, of at least 3-5 years. We all dream of overnight success, but it rarely happens. If the truth be told, overnight success is usually the results of years of hard work.


success is your responsibility


I know 3-5 years seems like a long time and it is. The time is going to pass by anyway, why not spend it making yourself a very nice residual income? Why 3-5 years? You can, reasonably, expect to get to the top or be nearing the top levels of your company’s compensation plan in that amount of time.


I have read many articles about the top earners in the network marketing industry. I can tell you that there many people who took 8 or more years to reach the top of the pay plan. I can tell that they don’t regret spending all that time building their businesses.


Network marketing Tip #3


You should develop a system for every aspect of your business. There are many phases of running any business and most of them can be systematized. You should be able to find a step by step process for each one of them. You will probably need to build this system by trial and error. Write down everything that you try and keep the ones that work or work the best. Once you have a system for running your business, you should write it all down into a manual. This manual should be shared with your team. This is not a “one size fits all” kind of business, but your manual should give your teammates something to use and build on. They can tweak it to match their particular skill sets and preferences.


Network marketing Tip #4


network marketing tips - profits rule


This is, perhaps, the most important tip I will give you. Get your business into profit, as soon as possible! There are only so many months in a row that you can lose money before you are forced to leave the business. There are many ways to get into profit in network marketing, but the quickest way is to sell your products. If you are able to get 15-25 customers, as a base, you should be into profit and be able to pay for any kind of advertising that you are planning to do.


There is also a good chance that somewhere along the way you’ll be able to convert some of your happy customers into devoted distributors!


I know these network marketing tips probably aren’t all that earth shattering, but these are critical to your long term success, in the business. They might not even make your life all that much easier in the short term, but if you implement them you will be in the business for a while and you will have a great foundation on which to build your business.


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