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I was on Youtube a few days ago. I was watching some top earner talking to a room full of network marketing distributors. I have to admit that I don’t know who the guy was or what company he was speaking to. I only had time to watch the first minute or two before I had to leave home. If I only watched a minute of the video, then why am I bringing this up to you?


Great question!


That first minute was so profound. I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears. That’s why!


He starts his speech with a question. “How many of you would like to rank advance this year?” Just about everyone in the audience raised their hands. I guess the few who didn’t, weren’t paying attention. Then he followed up that question with another one.


He begins to talk about deciding where you want to go and working backwards to break it down into the work you need to do on a daily basis. He said that most people could rank advance if they talked to just 2 people per day for the entire year. He looks at the audience and the camera does as well. He asks, “How many of you, that want to rank advance this year, are talking to at least 2 people per day?”


The camera pans the audience from one side to the other and not one hand is in the air. I would say that there were 150 to 250 people in that room. All of them had said that they had aspirations of rank advancing that year and yet not a single one of them was doing even a little bit of the work that would be required.


Like I said, it was a profound moment.


I stopped the video and shook my head. I was stunned. Not 1 person there was doing the work they would need to do in order to achieve their goal of advancing their rank that year. Wow!


I mean, what do I say to that?

answer to many network marketing questions

That moment certainly answered a lot of questions for me.


Is network marketing a scam? No, it’s not. It’s just that the distributors aren’t doing the work.


Why is the failure rate so high, in network marketing? Because the distributors are not doing the work.


I would love to put the network marketing naysayers and critics in front of that video! Maybe it would open their eyes!


As far as I am concerned, that speaker should’ve put down the magic marker and looked at everyone in the audience and said, “If you aren’t willing to do the minimum amount of work, I can’t help you.” He should’ve walked off the stage, at that point. He would’ve made a bigger impression than anything else he could’ve done or said.


My question to you is this, are you doing the work? Are you at least doing the minimum amount of work that a distributor should be doing? Or are you going to be another statistic that fuels the critics of our industry?


Wouldn’t you rather be someone who talked to 2 people per day or better yet, one who talks to 5, 10 or maybe even 20 people per day and does well in this business?


If you are going to be a top earner or even someone who is profitable in this business, you are going to have to do the work!


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