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In network marketing you need to find something that works and stick with it long enough to make it work!


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I heard a story about an insurance office that was being run by a guy who was set in his ways. He wasn’t a bad guy and they office ran very smoothly. He did his 20 years and was set to retire. They just needed to find a suitable replacement. A few weeks later, they had their person.


The new person was a head strong woman who had the experience to run an office that was that size. When she started, she implemented many new ideas and new ways of doing things. There was a decided slow down as everyone got used to how she wanted things done. Business started to pick up and then there was a big surprise. She decided to leave the company to work for a rival company.


Then the company hired a guy as an interim manager. He had his own way of doing things. The staff was compliant as they switched up things, yet again. Business slowed down for a while, but things eventually came back. They didn’t come all the way back.


The company decided that they need someone else to get the office back to where it was and growing again. They hired a new person. Yes, you guessed it. They had their own way of doing things. The cycle continued.


Unfortunately, the same thing happens in network marketing!


There will be about 1% of people, maybe less, who join a network marketing company who will be the innovators. They will forge their own path to the top. They will not be denied and nothing will stand in their way. They are willing to fight, tooth and nail, for what they want.


Then there are those who are willing to do the work, but are not innovators. There will be about 3% to 4% of the people in this category. They find a way to run their businesses and they stick to it. They might not ever get to the top of their company’s pay plan, but they are the people who will profitable!


Then there is the other 95% of people who join a network marketing company.


There are many different types of people in this group.


different types of people in network marketing


There are the people who purchase their kit because it is a bright and shiny object and they like the sound of financial and time freedom. Then they figure out how much work it will really take to achieve those goals and they don’t even start.


Then there are those who get started, but find out that their warm market won’t like them if they stay in the business. Sooner or later they quit.


Then there are those people who want it bad enough, but have no idea of what they should be doing or saying. They listen to their upline and they have a strategy to try. That doesn’t really work for them. Then they hear about a top earner’s strategy and now they try that. That doesn’t work either. They are constantly trying the latest and greatest strategy, but it never works for them … at least not fast enough. They move on to the next thing and the next thing, etc.


It’s those people who you should really be helping. Those are the people who are willing to do the work and that’s half the battle. They need to be taught a system and made to stick with it until they get it to work. They system should be one that its tried and true. It needs to work, even if it is eventually. If the distributor just gives it enough time, it will work for them.


They must be taught that there is no “super secret method” that the top earners use. They just figure out something that works for them and then they work it and work it.


Once you find a method that works for you, you’ll just need to do it enough times to become successful.


As a sponsor, your job is to recognize the people in your organization that are willing to the work. They are just having a problem finding the right strategy for them! If you let these types of people go away, you’ll find it increasingly difficult to reach the top.


They need to be on the same page and stay on that page, if they want to be successful in this business!


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