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It takes two to tango in network marketing


helping people in network marketing


It seems that being willing and able to help people is one of the main criteria of being in a network marketing business. Even Zig Ziglar said it, “You can get what you want, if you help enough other people get what they want.”


You certainly can’t get to the top levels of any company’s compensation plan, all by yourself. You’re going to need other people, in your downline, to achieve some sort of success. I see it as a kind of safeguard for the industry. Network marketing is unlike any other business.


In most businesses, you are competing with other people for market share and success. If you want your slice of the pie, you’ll need to go out and get it. That’s not so in network marketing. It seems as though the pie is big enough for everyone to get their own slice of it.


All of that seems like a good thing. New distributors aren’t alone in their businesses. They have an upline who will benefit from their success. It should be a “built in” help network.


Unfortunately, it seems as though most network marketers want to find people who need the business.


I know you’re thinking, “Isn’t that what we are supposed to do?”


On the surface it would seem so, but in the real world it isn’t. People who need the business need it for a reason. They need it because their lives are not as good as they would like them to be. Most of the time, their lives are not what they want them to be because of self esteem issues or self worth issues. These people have risen or fallen to the level they are because of this.


It’s not that they aren’t good people, it’s just that they believe they are where they are because that’s where they are supposed to be. You’ve probably heard the story of people who win the lottery. They get millions of dollars in winnings and before you know it, they have spent all of the money and are back where they started.


The same thing happens in network marketing. They need the business, but they don’t really want it. They squander the opportunity. Again, it’s not that they are bad people, it’s just that they need to work on their personal development so they can get to a place where they believe that they deserve success.


They shouldn’t feel bad. Most people who join a network marketing business squander the opportunity. This is why there is such an emphasis placed on personal development. Network marketers are bombarded with the command to read books, listen to CDs and take courses to improve their attitude.


Who should we help with this business?


helping other network marketers


Network marketers should be looking for people who want the business. They may also need it, but they must want it in order for it to work for them.


Network marketers must find people who have expressed a desire to improve themselves.


I have been one who has tried to help people who seemed to be on the down and out. They really needed what this business could offer them. I soon found out that I wanted success for them more than they wanted it for themselves. I wound up spinning my wheels and trying to help someone who wasn’t ready to help themselves.


I’d feel bad about them not finding success, so I’d try to help them more and more. Pretty soon I was trying to build a business for someone who didn’t want it. I’d wear myself out and they’d just keep plodding along in their life.


I found out that it was in everyone’s best interest to make sure that the people I am recruiting really want the business and they want to have success. I’m willing to help to help anyone who joins my business, but only to the extent that they are willing to work for themselves.




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