Why do people quit network marketing?

What’s your reason for quitting your network marketing business?


are you ready to quit your network marketing business


I was watching a Facebook video from a network marketing guru or near guru. This person sells products to the public in order to help people to become successful in this business, or at least that’s their plan. I use that as the definition of a guru.


The video was trying to explain the multiple reasons why network marketers will quit their business. The guru came up with 5 reasons. Here they are and I’ll have some comments about them along the way.


According to the guru:


The first reason why people quit network marketing is that it’s just too difficult.


I’d be the first to admit that network marketing is difficult. Of course, anything that’s new to you is going to be hard. Any network marketer needs to know this on the way into the business. The worst thing that can happen is that a prospect goes into it believing that it will be an easy business to be successful. If a distributor will give themselves enough time to learn the skills that are necessary and they are willing to practice those skills, then they stand a chance of finding success.


network marketing is just too hard


The second reason why people quit network marketing is that they are too busy.


Building a successful network marketing business takes a fair amount of time. In my opinion, you’re not really going to be able to build a big business in an hour per day. You can get it started, but somewhere along the line, you’ll need to devote more time to it. For most network marketers, finding that time in their already busy lives is difficult. Many people join the network marketing profession in order to find time freedom. Little did they know that it would take the little bit of their free time in order to get there.


The third reason why people quit network marketing is that they didn’t get enough help.


More than likely, you’re going to sign up with a network marketer who has no idea of what to do either. If your upline doesn’t know what to do, what are the odds that they give you enough help? Probably not very good odds.


This is probably the biggest thing that I’d like to see changed in the industry. I believe that there would be a lot more success stories out there if new distributors would get properly trained. I heard someone say that “you aren’t a real entrepreneur if you wait to get helped.” That could be a true statement, however, most people who join network marketing have never run a business. I wouldn’t expect a new distributor to be a “real entrepreneur.” I think that it’s a great disservice to not offer someone the training that they need and yet that’s exactly what most sponsors do.


The fifth reason why people quit network marketing is personal circumstances


I have no idea what their point was with #5. They talked about having a vision of who you want to be in the future. This vision should be strong enough to pull you toward your goals even through the tough times and there will be tough times.


No, your eyes don’t deceive you. They skipped over the #4 reason that people quit the network marketing business.


My conclusions.


Although all of these reasons might be true, I still believe that the number one reason why most distributors quit their network marketing business is that they aren’t making any money. If a network marketer isn’t bringing in any money then they are actually losing money. The cost of auto shipped products alone puts most businesses in the hole.


This is why I have been stressing the need to actually help everyone that you recruit to get themselves into profit as quickly as possible. Even if a new distributor is only making $100 profit each month. That’s probably enough to help keep the network marketing dream alive. It’s very hard to quit a business that is actually making you money!



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