Are you planning to fail?


Do you have a written plan for

your network marketing business?


write a plan for your network marketing business


The old saying, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail” is almost a cliché at this point. However, I do believe it’s true. If you’re going to be doing just about anything, you’re going to want to have a plan.


Have you ever bought a piece of furniture that needed to be put together? They give you a plan on how best to put it together, right? If you do something other than what the plan says to do I would bet that the furniture doesn’t turn out exactly like the picture on the package.


When you go on a vacation, don’t you plan out everything that you’re going to do on every day? You wouldn’t want to miss anything, would you? You’d want to have an itinerary written out so you know what you’re doing for every minute of every day. If you don’t make a plan, who knows what would happen and who knows how much you’d get done of all the things you want to do.


The same thing holds true for any kind of business. Even if it’s a network marketing business.


First, you need to start out with a big vision for yourself and your business. A big vision means that you know what your final goal for you business is and also that you know what kind of person you will be when you get to that destination. You want to know what it all will look like when you arrive there.


Your vision might be something like:


I want to have recruited 200 people, personally. I want to be living in that exclusive neighborhood and be driving a BMW. My kids will be attending the finest university in the state. I’ll have no debt and I will be able to pay cash for everything I want to buy.”


is this your network marketing success


If you’re going to build a business like that, you’ll need to be the type of person who can build a big business. Most people don’t start out being that kind of person. They change slowly over time to become that person.


Then you break down that vision into long term goals.


I will recruit 1 person every week and do that for 5 years. I will have 50 person customers and give them top notch service.”


Next, you would break that down into what you’ll be doing every day to get to those goals in the amount of time that you’ve given yourself.


I will talk to 30 people per week and show them my company’s business presentation. That will be 5 people per day for 6 days per week. I will follow up with them and if they don’t sign up, I will try to secure them as a customer.”


When you get down to making a daily plan, be as detailed as you can. If you’re going to advertise your business by putting flyers out on doors, say that you’re going to put out 100 flyers per day. If you’re going to build it on Facebook say that you’ll friend 10 people per day.


If you’re able to reach your daily goals for a long enough period of time, you would have a hard time not being successful.


Now, take the time over the next few days and make a real plan for yourself!



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