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The at title is a line from a great 1980s movie starring Matthew Broderick. It is called Wargames. It’s held up over the years and I still recommend it for fun suspense-adventure movie.


It’s a very different game that I’d like to talk about today.


I’d like you to think about playing catch. One person starts with the ball and tosses it to the other person and then back again. It’s a pretty simple concept.


This is exactly how I’d like you to run your network marketing business.


One of the main problems that network marketer have is trying to figure out who to help and who not to waste their time on. I know that calling trying to help out someone who you signed up a waste of time might seem a little excessive or harsh, but that’s what it turns out to be.


You sign someone up into your business and they are all excited. They tell you they are going to be top earners and you believe them. You think, “This is going to be great!” You found that heavy hitter that will make you rich.


Then the unthinkable happens. Your distributor isn’t doing any work. They are talking a good game, but when it’s time to do something, anything, they are nowhere to be found. They want it bad, but not bad enough.


What are you going to do? It seems that most network marketers will try to “help” their recruit. They’ll ask the recruit what it is that they need. They’ll actually offer to do some of the work for the recruit. In this kind of relationship, the network marketer will end up doing all of the work for their recruit. This is a really bad situation for everyone. The recruit will never do anything. Why would they? They have someone who will do the work for them. Or so they think. The network marketer will do as much as they can for the recruit, but eventually, the network marketer will burn themselves out and then no work will get done.


Most network marketers are not able to carry the people that they recruit, to success. They can’t do the work for two different businesses. Running their own business is hard enough, they can’t run two businesses, at least not for long.


play catch with network marketer


Let’s play catch!


This is a metaphorical game of catch. The sponsor will ask their recruit to perform a certain task. That’s throwing the “ball” to them. If and when the recruit does this task, to completion and they tell their sponsor that it’s done, that’s throwing the “ball” back to the sponsor. The sponsor will check to make sure that the task was done correctly and then they will ask the recruit to do another task. That’s throwing the “ball” back to the recruit.


A successful sponsor only has enough time to help the recruits who are actually going to do the work. Those are the only people that the sponsor needs to work with. There may be those recruits who will complain about not getting enough help, but the sponsor needs set this boundary and stick to it.


The recruits who are hanging on and those that do nothing will slow you down, weigh you down and will kill your business, eventually.


Protect yourself, your business and your attitude by letting your recruits know that you’re there to help them as much as they are willing to help themselves. There should be a step by step process that you lead your recruits through, one step at a time!


Toss “the ball” back and forth.



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