Posture, positioning and profits in network marketing


Is your network marketing business, profitable?


are there profits in network marketing?


I got into an interesting conversation with a fellow blogger and network marketer, today. Apparently, she had read one of my posts and just “had to contact” me. She was taking exception to the fact that I tell everyone to get themselves into profit as quickly as possible.


My way of thinking is that it should become easier for a profitable distributor to recruit other people into their business. I know that it won’t always help people recruit. There will be those that are paralyzed, no matter what they have done. I figure the worst that can happen, to someone who is in profit, is that they make some money and that’s not so bad!


Her disagreement was that she didn’t think that a distributor needed to be in profit to be able to recruit. On the surface, I would have to agree with her. She argued that it is all about posture and positioning. Again, on the surface, I had to agree with her. There will be some distributors that are able to position themselves as leaders even before they are making any money. They will conduct their business with an attitude of success and many people will find that attractive.


All of her arguments were … kind of right. My problem with what she was saying is that it sounded like a polite way of saying, “Fake it, until you make it.” I’m no fan of the “fake it, until you make it” strategy. Especially if faking it requires one to not tell the truth about making money. Which is a polite way of saying, lying about making money.


I tried to explain my thoughts on the subject.


my thoughts on network marketing


Most people join a network marketing company to make money. The biggest problem with network marketing is that so few people actually make any money, at all. When a prospect ask you, “How much money are you making?” What are you going to say, if you aren’t making any money? Unfortunately, most people won’t say anything. Some will spill the beans and say that they aren’t making any money. To that, the prospect will probably say, “Call me when you are making money.” Most distributors will say, “Okay,” and walk away, forever.


Most distributors will never sponsor anyone into their business and worse, most of them will never make any money.


In my opinion, this is the biggest hurdle we, as network marketers, have to get over. The fact that so few people are making money is what makes most people not want to do network marketing. Now, if we get most people into profit, it does two things.


it's like jumping a hurdle with a laed weight tied to your ankle


First, it keeps distributors “in the game.” If you are making money, you’re probably going to want to continue making that money. This should give you the time that you need in order to become good at recruiting.


Second, having an income, even if it is small, will give you the self confidence and the confidence in the business that you need to be a good recruiter.


I believe that this is such a huge game changer that everyone should get themselves into profit as soon as they can.


in network marketing, profits are what counts


Imagine talking to that prospect, who asked you how much money you are making. You can say, “I’m making good money doing this and I can teach how how you can, too!” What kind of reaction do you think you would get to that kind of answer?


If you get yourself into profit and your team are all making money too, how many will quit? Probably none of them. Who’s going to want to give up a decent residual income?


I’m not sure if I convinced her, but at least she got to hear my point of view.


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