The power of a dream


Dream big dreams, too!


what are your dreams and goals




I was talking to a distributor, that works for another company, the other day. They had never really gone through, what is considered a normal business launch. The funny thing is that they are on the 4th level of a 7 level plan. Pretty good, right?


My thought and I could be wrong, was why not restart at the beginning and have a business launch now. They could get all of the benefits of that launch and hopefully propel themselves to the next higher level and beyond.


We started with their why. Dale Calvert always says, “The how doesn’t matter until you know why.”


I asked the distributor to write down their reasons “why” they wanted to build a big business.


As they wrote down their reasons, they kept looking up and telling me that their dreams were too big. They thought that they would never be able to attain them. They looked at me and asked, “Should I be writing down smaller dreams and goals?”


Wow! What a great question!


On one hand, their big dreams will keep them motivated far into the future. On the other hand, those bigger dreams may be counterproductive. If you work toward the big dreams and you haven’t reached them in a year or even 2 years, does that make someone give up?


I told them to write them all down. That the smalls goals could be reached more easily and the big dreams would take a little longer.


A couple of weeks earlier, I ran into a distributor from yet another company. They hadn’t had a business launch either. Unfortunately, they have been struggling, mightily. This person has sponsored 4 people into their business, but none of their recruits were having an luck.


I decided to get them to start all over, as well.


I asked them to write down their reasons “why.”


dream bigger


Both distributors have written down as many reasons as they could come up with. Everything seemed to be going well. The next step for both of them was to write down a list of everyone that they know. The classic warm market list. I’m not a huge supporter of the warm market list, but since 85% of distributors originally joined with a person that came from their warm market, I had them do this too.


Here’s the rub and you tell me if you think that I am wrong. The first person is in the process of writing down every name of everyone that they know or sort of know, while the second is not doing this step. I’ve decided not work with the person who isn’t doing the steps that I’ve asked to them to do.


It’s supposed to be a step by step program and not a hopscotch program.


If they change their minds and write down the names in their warm market, I’d be happy to pick up where we left off.


I believe that leaders and most successful people have dreams and goals that are bigger than themselves.


The big dreams may seem too far off into the future and this may be discouraging to some. Be sure to have smaller, more attainable goals that you can reach along the way. As you reach these smaller goals you will be energized and motivated to continue to work toward your “end of the rainbow” dreams!


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