The process of choosing the right network marketing company



Choosing the right company,  for you



choosing the right network marketing company


I my last article I talked about how to pick the right network marketing company, for you. If you haven’t read it you can click the link and read it before you read this one. It’ll help to give you some background information!


We are going to use the criteria from that article, to help us to choose the right company to work with.


Will you choose the right network marketing company to work with?


Pick a niche … any niche


What kind of products do you want to sell?


Yes, I used the “s” word!


The first thing that you should look at is the products that are offered by the company. Most people are not salespeople. Most people would find it difficult, if not impossible, to sell any products. You need to find a product that you can get excited about. Something that will make you recommend the products to other people, with enthusiasm. This is the best path to follow.


If you pick a product that you don’t have any passion about, it will show through and your prospective customers will be able to tell that you don’t really like the products.


Once you have a product in mind, you can go out and find all of the network marketing companies that are selling that product.


choosing the right company for you


Maybe you picked health and wellness or weight loss. You might’ve picked energy providers or a company that sells jewelry. As long as you have a passion for it, you’re okay.


Depending on the niche that you’ve picked, there might be 20, 30 or 100 or more different companies available to choose from.


Make a list of all of them


You can now do a little bit of research to start eliminating some of them. The first thing that you want to look at is how long have these companies been in business. I would suggest that you cross off the ones that have been in business for less than 5 years. Most companies that fail will fail I their first 5 years of business.


Next examine the management of the companies that are left. Find the companies that have a management team that includes at least one former network marketer. Someone who has successfully built their own network marketing business. This may mean that they will be more distributor friendly. Hopefully, they will be looking out for the distributors!


Then you can do a search for the companies names and add in the word “scam” to the search. Read through as many of the articles as you can. Find out which ones don’t have too many negative comments about them. How many is too many? That’s up to you. You might start out with 10 negative comments causes them to be eliminate them. Maybe none of them have less than 10 negative comments and you might have to raise the number or pick a different niche.


Now you can take a look at the compensation plan. The main thing here is to find one that you understand. The easier it for you to understand, the easier it will be for you to share it with other people. Remember, they will all say that you’ll be rich in no time. Don’t be swayed be big numbers! If you can’t understand the plan, then eliminate them.


read the comp plan


There are two things that you will need to read. The first thing is the Income Disclosure Statement (IDS). In this document you will find out how many of the current distributors are at each income level. You need to look to see if anyone is making money. Any money. If no one is making money, is that a company that you want to join?


Recently, I read an IDS and it showed that virtually no one was making money. Somehow they are one of the hottest network marketing companies around today.


The second document that you need to read is the distributor agreement. Obviously, you should read all documents that you sign and a network marketing distributor’s agreement is no exception. You want to look to see if there are any restrictions on how you can advertise your new business. Some industries are highly regulated and the companies do restrict the ways that you can advertise the opportunity. Some companies actually try to slow down their growth by restricting how you advertise. They might not let you do online advertising. Yes, I have read many contracts that limit or don’t allow their distributors to do much work online.


In my previous article, I asked you to buy some of the products that the companies have for sale. Hopefully, going through each of the above criteria, you’ve been able to eliminate most of them. Of those that are left, choose the 3-5 companies that have the most appeal for you.


Now you can buy some of the products that they are selling. Compare the quality of them. Compare pricing as well. Are you getting what you pay for? Do the products do what they say that they will do?


compare the products


If you happened to have picked weight loss shakes as your product, in the beginning, you will want to compare the taste, the pricing and the effectiveness of each. Can people afford them? Do they taste good? Did you loss weight while you were using the products.


Hopefully, you found a weight loss shake that isn’t too expensive and tastes good. Better yet, I hope that you lost more weight on the shakes than you have ever lost on any other diet. This will give you the passion and enthusiasm, about the products, that you need to recommend them to all of your friends and relatives!


Once you have decided on a company to work with, you will need to find a sponsor


This could be more important than any other choice that you have to make!


I would suggest looking online for a sponsor. You can find out where the next hotel meeting is in your area or you can find someone who doesn’t live anywhere near you. I would suggest trying to find someone who has been in the business a while. They must have had some success in it and they need to have helped people, who they have sponsored into the business, to have success as well.


You’re allowed to interview a prospective sponsor!


choosing the right sponsor


Ask them how they are going to help you to be successful. Will the work hand in hand with you? Will they be there for you? What kind of training are they going to give you?


Ask them for references. Tell them that you would like the names and numbers of 3 people in their downline that they have, personally, helped to be profitable.


Ask them as many questions as you need to. You will want to interview many people about sponsoring you! Eliminate the ones that don’t have your best interest at heart!


This is the last piece of the puzzle. Once you have found the right sponsor, you are ready to get started!

I wish you all the best in your new business!


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