Before you quit your network marketing business


Network marketing is a tough business to be in!


don't quit your network marketing business yet



At any given time there are probably 25% of network marketers who are in the process of quitting their businesses. That number could be higher though. I would say that up to 50% of all network marketers leave their respective companies each year.


If you are in that group of distributors, I’d like to ask you to hang on for a little while longer!


Before you quit, would you answer these three questions about you and your business.


Did you make a commitment to your business?


If you didn’t make a commitment to run your business for at least 1 year, then you probably didn’t give it any real chance of succeeding. If you bought a McDonald’s franchise would you give it 3 or 4 months to turn a profit and then when it didn’t you’d just quit? I would doubt that anyone would do that. That’s way too much money to just walk away from. You’re probably saying that network marketing isn’t a McDonald’s franchise. You’re right it’s not. It didn’t cost you $3,000,000 to get started. You probably paid a mere $300 to get started in your network marketing business. The funny thing is that the potential return of a successful network marketing business is about the same as a McDonald’s.


network marketing can pay as much as a franchise


Will you be successful in 1 year? Probably not, but you could be on your way. It does take time to build most businesses and a network marketing business is no exception. If you didn’t give your business at least 1 year of your life, then I’d suggest that you recommit and begin your 1 year, now!


Did you do the work?


There is actual work that needs to be done in network marketing and done on a regular and consistent basis. Did you do self improvement every day? You will need to improve your attitudes, your self image and self worth along with your skill level. You usually grow into your income level. The more money you want to make the better your self image, self worth and your attitudes must be. You also need to improve the skills you have as well as learn new skills that are vital to your success.


Did you talk to 1 or 2 people about your business opportunity, every day? Did you talk to 1 or 2 people about your products or services, every day? This part of your business is absolutely critical. If you aren’t talking to people, every day, you can’t expect to be successful.


Did you conquer your obstacles?


Everyone will face some obstacles in their business lives. It could be that cranky uncle who tries to tell you that you’re wasting your time doing this. It could be the critic from the cold market who tries to tear you down. It could be one of your own self limiting beliefs. We all face them. Some of us will let the obstacles cost us our businesses. While others will either go around them or figure out a way to break through them.


How did you answer these questions?


Before you quit, you really should give yourself a good chance to be successful. You need to recommit yourself to do the work over a long enough period of time and find a way to conquer your obstacles. Then you’ll give yourself the best chance of being successful.


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