I want to quit!


i want to quit



I had a distributor, from another company, call me a few days ago. She sells health and wellness products. It’s a really good industry to be in these days. As the vanity of the baby boomers kicks in and they try to hold onto to their youth, they are buying health, wellness and anti aging products by the billions of dollars!


I answered the phone and said hello. That was my first mistake!


She was nearly in tears. Her first words were, “I want to quit this business!”


We’ve all been there and done that. Most people really do quit, when the rough times hits. If you were told that network marketing was easy, man, you got lied to! It’s a simple business, but it isn’t easy.


She begins by telling me that she lost every one of her customers. “How did that happen,” I asked? She had a handful of customers and was getting a small check, every month. That’s a good start! Well, as luck would have it, one of her customers decided that the products weren’t working for her. Shed gave it 5 weeks, saw no results and didn’t feel any different. Another customer was in collections after she decided not to pay for them.


It just seemed to go from bad to worse with every explanation. I really felt for her. She went from a small check to no check in a matter of two days. That’s not a good felling.


She went on to tell me that she didn’t understand why they did that to her. She had been so attentive to their needs. I wanted to hear more about this.



customer care



She told me that she would drop by the place of employment and bring them small gifts. She wanted to chat with them to find out how they were doing with the products that they had ordered. She was probably spend half of the money she was making on these gifts. She did this nearly every week.


She went to tell me that she was nearly exhausted from all of the attention that she was giving her customers. If a customer had a problem with an order she would drive out to get the products and she would do the repacking and shipping of the products back to the company. Add in all of the visits, attention and encouragement she gave her clients, it’s no wonder she felt tired!


I told her that I was surprised that she lasted as long as she did.


I’m a big believer in customer care, but you can’t do everything for them. They are grown ups and not children. They should be able to send their own products back to the company to get an exchange. Maybe a phone call would have been fine to check on the progress of these customers. Maybe they were felling smothered or mothered or both.


You can do only so much hand holding. Sooner rather than later, you need to let go and see what happens. The customers do have some responsibilities in all of this. They can’t be totally reliant on you for everything! As a distributor, you will burn out doing all that for them!



they aren't babies



In the end, she decided to get more clients for her business and let them take on some of the responsibility for themselves.


We all need to take care of our clients. There are so many options out there for them to chose from. We don’t want to lose them, if we don’t have to. Remember that customer care doesn’t mean that you have to do everything for them. You will get taken advantage of, you will burn out and quit the business, if you do.


Take care of yourself, first!


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