Recruiting up for success in network marketing


What is recruiting up in MLM?


recruiting up in MLM


The new network marketing recruit is told to fill out the ever popular memory jogger. A memory jogger is a piece of paper that you fill in a list of people who are the recruit’s warm market. Their warm market is everyone that they know. Their family and friends. Their neighbors and co-workers. The list can go all the way to the mailman, the milkman and Spiderman.


What do most of those people have in common? Most of them, in the new recruit’s warm market, are going to be fairly close together on the socioeconomic ladder. Co-workers are going to be making approximately the same amount of money. Their neighbors all bought houses that are closely priced. Their family and friends will probably be on the same rung of the socioeconomic ladder.


It must be true that “birds of a feather, flock together.”


People are funny that way. As much as we all hate cliques, we all end up being in one or more of them. We feel more comfortable being around people who are kind of like us. We can relate to each other better.


A skier would rather hang out with another skier rather than hanging out with a snowboarder, because they don’t have a lot in common with them.


I have to give credit to my buddy Chuck Holmes for this explanation of sponsoring up. Thanks Chuck!


Chuck said that we can look at the socioeconomic ladder is terms of a scale from 0-10. Where a 10 would be a person who has reached the top of that ladder and a 0 would be a person who is at the lowest rung.


recruiting up the ladder


I do want to say that there is nothing wrong with being at any particular rung on the ladder. If you like the rung that you are on and you’re are healthy and happy, then more power to you. You’re probably way ahead of the game!


For this example, we’ll say that our new recruit is on the middle rung of the ladder. We’ll call him a 5.


When this new recruit goes into his warm market to find others that want to make some extra money, he will be talking to people who are on that same rung. Most of them will be at 5 or maybe some will be at 4 or 6. The new recruit feels comfortable talking to the 5s and the 4s. They will start to feel like they are out of their league when they think about talking to a 7 or an 8 and they wouldn’t dream of bothering a 9 or 10.


After the smoke clears and the new recruit has a few new recruits of his own, he looks around and sees that he has a few 5s and a bunch of 4s in his group. The new 5s will turn around and recruit some 5s and some 4s and maybe toss in a couple of 3s. The 4s will recruit 2s and 3s and maybe a few 4s. The 2s and 3s might recruit 0s and 1s. They will talk to people that they feel comfortable talking to.


Pretty soon our original new recruit has a nice sized organization. Unfortunately, it is full of 0s, 1s, 2s and 3s. The new recruit isn’t making much money after all of that hard work.


if you aren't recruiting up


That’s the problem with recruiting at your own level or below. You’ll feel much more comfortable talking to those people, but you might end up with an organization that isn’t doing much.


Recruiting up in network marketing


Recruiting up would be the exact opposite. If you are able to find a few people who are on higher rungs, you stand a much better chance of finding success.


If you recruit someone who is an 8 or a 9, they hang in a different circles than the 4s and the 5s. They are more likely to recruit other 8s and 9s. Even if they recruit down, they’ll be going after the 6s and the 7s.


What kind of people are on the 8 and 9 rungs?


Those would include people like local small business owners, successful real estate agents, white collar professionals and successful insurance agents. A doctor, a lawyer, an accountant or anyone who is making a 6 figure income would fall into this category.


recruiting up can mean doctors


Does looking at those job titles make you nervous? Those seem like the types of people that you really want to bother with a network marketing business, right?


Some doctors love being doctors and helping people. There are others that learn to hate it, after a while. I talked to a dentist once, who said that he was tired of being a dentist, but he was making too much money to do anything different. I was shocked! He seemed to have it all. He drove a nice sports car. He had an office in a nice part of town. He had a good staff working for him and yet he was really unhappy. He felt trapped by his success.


Trust me there are tons of 8s and 9s who feel the same way as that dentist.


I can tell you from experience that there will be a lot of small business owners who would love to find something that didn’t require stocking a product or managing employees!


If you are able to get brave for a few times and find a couple of 8s or 9s, you’ll be surprised by how much more success you will have.


Even if you can’t recruit a 9, you can ask them if they know anyone who would be interested in something like this.


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