You don’t like your results in your network marketing business?

Do you have good habits or bad habits?


are you happy in network marketing


There are an extremely small number of network marketers who would say that they are really happy with their results. Those would be the people who are at the top of their pay plan or those who are on their way to the top. Nearly everyone else, in network marketing, is struggling to some degree.


The ones who are struggling are the ones who are trying to do something to build their business but aren’t having much luck. The rest of the network marketers are staring at their distributor kits and waiting for money to fly out of it.


Dictionary.com defines result like this: to spring, arise, or proceed as a consequence of actions.


According to the definition, a result is something that is a consequence of your actions. In network marketing, it could be the consequence of actions or lack of actions. Which category do you fall into?


If you find yourself in the latter category and have yet to take any action, I’d suggest that you create a plan and at least put it into to action. Don’t worry about the results of those actions, in the beginning. Most people are going to be bad or even terrible at network marketing when they get started. You’ll be joining the crowd. Remember that most top earners were bad when they first started. They just stuck around long enough to learn some strategies that worked for them.


If you fall into the former category and you’re taking action, but the results aren’t what you were looking for, you should change up what you are doing. This may involve tweaking your strategies or it might take you back to the drawing board.


network marketing drawing board


The way it’s supposed to work is that you take an action, get the results and if they are the results that you want, you do that same action again. After you’ve done that action enough, it becomes a habit.


What happens a lot of the time is that someone takes an action that they’ve been told will work and they get a result that they weren’t expecting so they try it again and again. They are convinced that they will get the same results as the person who told them about it. Once they’ve taken that action enough, it turns into a habit. In this case, it’s a bad habit or at least a none productive habit.


If you’ve developed these types of habits, you’ll need to unlearn them. You’ll need to be aware of what you’re doing as you do it. When you recognize that you’ve fallen into a bad habit, you’ll need to self-correct. You’ll need to make yourself do something different. Keep trying something different and seeing what kind of results you get. Keep trying it until you get the results that you want.


Then once you’ve done these actions enough, you will develop good habits or productive habits.


Your success level will be determined by your habits and your habits will be determined by the actions that you repeat the most.


If you want different results, take different actions.



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