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Are you a struggling network marketer? If so, don’t feel bad. Most network marketers are struggling. Even people who are successful now, were at one time struggling. What is it that made the difference? How do the people who were struggling turn it around and suddenly become a success? The rest of us are left to wonder how they did it.


While you may be able to point to many things as the reason that they are now successful, here are three things that I believe are at the heart of the matter.


Commit to your goal


Make a commitment to achieving your goal or goals. This is where it all starts. We all have heard those stories about a struggling marketer who goes to their company’s national convention and a year later they are on their way to fame and fortune. They go to the convention and they hear about someone like them, who made the decision to do this business and they achieved great things.


That is all a commitment is. It is a decision to do this business. To not let anything stand in the way of their success. They make up their mind to do whatever it takes to get where they want to go.


Going to a convention is a great place to hear those inspiring stories and make that decision, but it is not the only place that can happen. You might wake up one morning and realize that it’s time to get busy. One day you just know that you are the master of your own destiny. You make a commitment to your business, your company, their products and to yourself. You’re going to do this, no matter what!


As you reach your goals, make new ones and recommit yourself to achieving those new goals.


Take action


take action now


Once you have made the commitment to build your business, you must start to take action. Not just any action, you must take effective action. There are only 2 things that you have to do in network marketing to become successful. You have to sell the products and sponsor people into your business.


Network marketing is beautiful in its simplicity. The problem is that most people over complicate it. They end up believing that it has to be harder than it really is. They let fear run their business. With fear on control, not much happens.


All of your fears are inside your head. Over coming you fears may be the hardest part of building a successful network marketing business.


If you want to be successful in this or any other business, you must take effective action and do that every day.


Adjust your tactics


network marketer making adjustments


Once you have started taking effective actions, you will probably have to adjust your strategies. I’d like to tell you that everything that you try will work, but more than likely, you will have to make adjustments along the way. If you have to, you might even need to get new strategies and try those. Eventually, you will figure it out. Then there is no stopping you!


If you are able to do these 3 three, you will be well on the road to success. Make a commitment, take action and adjust your tactics as you go. That’s all there is to it! This business is simple, but it is not easy!


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