This may be the secret to success in network marketing

Can you find success in network marketing?


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I don’t really believe that there is a secret to success in network marketing. There have been times when I thought that there must be some secret that the top earners knew and they refused to share with the rank and file distributors. They must’ve had some sort of magic script or secret verbiage that they used to recruit people into their business.


I was always asking, “Well, what do I say to recruit someone?”


Funny thing is that I never got an answer. So many times, in my network marketing career, I’ve been told to “do what I’m doing.” I was willing to do it, if they’d be willing to tell me what they were doing. The closest I’d get to an answer was, “I just talk to people.”


It was a viscous circle. I never felt like I got a good answer. My feeling was that if they weren’t going to help me, how was I supposed to make them rich?


Over the years, I’ve come to realize that something happens to people once they sign up with a network marketing company. It’s like one day they’re normal and the next day, they think that they have to be a salesperson. Nothing could be further from the truth.


I’m about to have a politically incorrect moment … you’ve been warned!


In my opinion, I believe that network marketing was started so housewives could make a little extra money for their families. I mean look at the older companies. They were Avon and Amway. What do they sell? Make up and laundry soap.


Did those companies get started because they knew that housewives would be good salespeople? Probably not, right? They got started because they knew the women would just tell their friends and families about good products.


Why do network marketers think that it is any different than that, now?


Maybe being a successful network marketer is just what the top earners say it is, “You just talk to people.”


Is that the big secret? Could it really be that simple? There’s no big sales speech, there’s no hard close, there’s just telling other people what you have and what you experiences were.


can network marketing success be this easy


What do you say to people? How about just be a regular, normal person and strike up a conversation and see where it goes. You can steer the conversation toward being able to mention your products or opportunity, but it shouldn’t be some major production. You just talk to them and find out if they have a need for some extra money or do they have a need for the benefits that your products will give them.


Most network marketers aren’t salespeople and yet when it comes time to try to sell the products or find someone to join their business, what do they do? They try to sell the products or the opportunity. They usually feel very uncomfortable doing this and they end up in a crash and burn situation. They try to convince their friends and family members to buy something. They press them and push them until they either get them mad or they just buy something that they didn’t want … just to get rid of them.


Everyone feels uncomfortable in that situation. The network marketer will probably get tired of feeling that way and quit the business.


My best advice is if you’re not a salesperson, then stop trying to be a salesperson. If you are a salesperson, then don’t be a salesperson in your network marketing business!


Just have a normal conversation!





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