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“Everyone already does network marketing, they just don’t paid for it.”


I’m sure that we’ve all heard this adage. For the most part, it’s true. We all recommend things for our friends and relative to try. We’re willing to recommend things that we like to those people that we like. We can say, “I just saw this great movie! You should check it out.” We’ll even ask for recommendations. We’re all too happy to ask, “Did you like that movie?” Surprisingly enough, we’ll take our friend’s word for it. Why not? We’ve asked them before and they didn’t steer us wrong.


Let me ask you this, if we are willing to do recommend things for free, why aren’t we willing to do it for money? If the local movie theater was willing to pay you for referring people to their movie house, would we stop recommending movies to people? They don’t have to know that I’m making money for the referral. It’ll be our little secret. Does it change anything?


Let me ask you another question. If the theater were to pay you $2.00 to refer your friends to them and you had to tell your friends that you were getting paid, would that change things for you?


I’ve been asking myself these same questions and I am willing to recommend a movie to a friend. They’ll pay the same amount of money to get into the theater that they always do. I won’t make a dime on the deal and that’s okay. I’m happy to help my friend.


Now, if they are paying for the referral and my friends don’t know about it, I’ll probably feel a bit weird about that. I’m not sure why though. My friend will pay the same amount for the movie, but I’ll get a kickback from the theater. It probably shouldn’t bother me, but it does. They’ll pay the same amount, but I’d be making money. Yeah, that changes things for me. Will I continue to recommend movies?


selling network marketing


Now for the last question. I’m getting the referral fee, but now I have to tell my friends about the money. Hmm, okay, that changes everything, for me anyway. Now I recommend a movie to my friends and they have to wonder if I am being honest about how good the movie was. Am I just trying to get them to go so that I make some money? They have to wonder, right? I’d have to wonder, too!


It’s funny how getting a $2.00 referral fee changes the psychology of the whole thing.


I could say, “Hey, I just saw this great movie. I think you’ll like it.” With no problem, but if I had to say, “Hey, I just saw this great movie. I think you’ll like it. If you see it, I’ll make $2.00 from the ticket sale.”


I know my friend would say, “Why are you getting $2.00, if I see the movie?”


making money in network marketing


I tell them that, “the theater owner is willing to pay me that $2.00 to tell my friends about the movies.”


At least my friend knows that I have an arrangement with the theater owner. They will have to decide if they want to go to that movie, knowing that I’ll make $2.00.


Suppose I say to my friend, “Go see the movie. Then after it’s over, you can sign up with the theater owner and do the same thing!”


If I do that, I think I’d feel better about the whole thing. I get to make the $2.00 because my friend is going to see the movie. They know that I’m making money, but now they have the opportunity to do the same thing. That’s all okay with me. I could do that and not feel weird about it!


Now the really strange thing is that this is exactly like selling network marketing products, isn’t it.


For me, the problem seems to be the fact that I’d make some money off of my friends, by selling them my products. That kind of makes the whole process weird. Now, if I am willing to tell them that I am making some money and I’d need to tell them that they can do the same thing and that seems to make it better for me, psychologically.


Is there anyone out there that can relate to any of this? Am I alone out here or is there someone else who feels this way about it?


If so, I’d love to hear from you in the comments section, below.


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