So what’s so great about attraction marketing?

This will be short post about attraction marketing.  You’ll get my take on it.

So what is attraction marketing and why should you use it?

Attraction marketing is nothing more than putting out a help wanted sign.  The trick is to put the ad out in front of people who are looking for that kind of job/business.
If you owned a plumbing business, you would want to hire plumbers. If you owned a law firm, you would want to hire lawyers.  If you owned a restaurant, you would want to hire servers or a chef.

So would it make sense to put your help wanted ad in front of people who have no desire to be hired into a position that your are hiring for?  Of course not.  It make sense to put your ad in front of those people who have the experience and desire to work with you in your business.


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Now the trick becomes finding places to place you help wanted ad so it will be seen by the kinds of people who are looking for you. If you are trying to sell a product then you want to put out your advertising in place where the people who would most likely buy are hanging out.  You probably would be ill advised to try to sell the latest romance book to people who are watching a hockey game.  You would want to place your ad on the Lifetime channel.


Is Attraction Marketing for you?

Of course it is.  It is for anyone who wants to have an easier time building a business.   Stop chasing your friends and relatives and use attraction marketing to get you r business in front of the right kinds of people.

Mike Dillard is the king of Attraction Marketing.  If you’d like to read his book, you can find it here … Magnetic Sponsoring.

Attraction marketing is all kind of common sense.  Find places to put your ads so that the right people will see it, and advertise there.

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