Do you want to sponsor everyone into your network marketing business?

Network Marketing Isn’t For Everyone!


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The knee jerk reaction to that question, for most people, is a resounding “Yes!” I’m here to say that you probably don’t want to sponsor everyone. You must think I’m crazy, but let me give you some more information, then you can tell me that I’m crazy, if you want.


I had the opportunity to talk to a guy about my business. As it turns out he found a lot of problems associated with owning a business. I know owning a business is different from what most people do and it can be a challenge for people who are new to business, but this guy wouldn’t stop.


Let’s call him Bob. I had a roommate in college named Bob, so it’s time to honor him.


Well, Bob seemed like a nice enough guy. We got along right from the start. As the conversation was diverted into asking him if he ever thought about owning his own business, he got a little testy. I tried to tell him that if he wasn’t interested, I was fine with that. That wasn’t good enough for him.


He told me that he didn’t have enough time. He didn’t have enough money. He didn’t know enough people. He must have read the objection manual, because he seemed to know all of the standard objections. I got to hear about his uncle who tried his own business and failed.


He told me about his failing health. I swear he told me his entire medical history. He told me his wife would probably divorce him if he did anything crazy like starting a business.


network marketing isn't for everyone


I lost track of time, but I’m guess he talked for 15 maybe 20 minutes. I was shell shocked. I started try to answer his objections, yeah I was trained to do that, but a light bulb went off in my head. I stopped and thought about it for a minute.


Do I real want to convince this guy that owning a business could benefit him in so many ways? Do I need that negativity on my team? Do I want to be his sponsor and his therapist, for what could be forever?


I thought that it might be good to have another team member. Who knows, he might lead me to a good prospect. Then I thought, “At what cost?”


This guy and all of his negativity would drain the life out of me within a week. I wouldn’t be able to help anyone, if I had nothing left to give.


avoid soul sucking zombie


I looked at him and said, “You know what? It’s probably not a good idea for you to own a business of your own. You are where you’re supposed to be.” I was nice about it. We shook hands and went our separate ways.


A breathed a sigh of relief.


Before that day, I was of the mind that I really did want to sponsor everyone into my business. I learned a very valuable lesson that day!


For me, I don’t want to work with totally negative people. There are those people, out there, that are basically, soul sucking zombies and would never stop until they ate my brain. I’m pretty fond of my brain!


If you’ve tried to sponsor people like that and you kept trying, maybe you should rethink your policy of trying to recruit everyone, with a pulse or who can fog a mirror, into your business. You need to protect yourself from these soul sucking zombies! They’re everywhere.


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