The struggle of network marketing






Have you ever seen a baby bird come out of its shell? It’s pretty cool to watch.



Here’s a video if you haven’t seen it happen.





It’s quite a struggle to get out of that shell! They poke a hole in the shell, with their beaks. Then they crack a line all the way around the shell. Then they take a break and catch their breath. Then they start up again. They work some. Then they rest some. All the while, they are focused on their goal. “Get me outta here!”



It’s a lot of work to get out of that shell. This is a good thing for the chicken! It strengthens the bird. It gives it a better chance of survival. If you help the chick to get out of its shell, you run the risk of the chick being too weak and not surviving.



Building a network marketing business is almost the same thing as a chicken pecking its way out of its shell. It’s a struggle. It’s a process that we all have to go through.



You need to respect the process! Honor it.



honor the struggle like a chicken does



When you get into a network marketing business, you will be tempted to bypass as much of this struggle as you can. You will try all sorts of things to make things happen quicker and easier. You may even ask your sponsor to do things for you. My best advice for this. Take a nap and let that feeling go away!



Don’t get me wrong. I do believe that a sponsor should help you! They should teach you how to do certain things. They can even do things with you, but they should never do things for you!



If they do, they run the risk of their recruits being to weak to survive this business! Believe me,it’s a very tough business!



What will the struggle do for you in network marketing?



Just like the chicken, you’ll be stronger. You’ll be able to survive. You’ll learn all the lessons that you need to learn, in order to be successful. You’ll appreciate all that you achieve.



go through the process



You will come out of the other side of your struggles with a very inspirational story. Imagine being able to tell a prospect or a room full of distributors, at you company’s convention, about how you were able to over come things that most people will never even encounter in their businesses.



All the hardships and life lessons that you’ve learned along the way will motivate even the toughest cynic.



Don’t ask to bypass the process. Learn how to over come. Roll up your sleeves and work through the problems that will, invariably, happen. There will be struggles. There will be hardships. There will be problems. It’s all part of the game.



struggle - it's not a bad word





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