Success is all about activity for the network marketer


A network marketer needs to stay busy


a network marketer at work


Contrary to popular belief, it’s not all about the rank advancements, it’s about the activities that a network marketer is doing. The only way to rank advance is to be doing something.


It’s great to move up in rank. You get the recognition from your company and your peers. You’ll get more money and possibly some other kind of bonus. However, if a sponsor waits until a distributor rank advances to celebrate, they’re missing the boat.


What does a sponsor normally do with their recruits?


They usually tell them exactly how much they need to sell and how many people that they need to recruit to get to that next level. While that’s what they need to accomplish, it doesn’t give them any guidance on how to do it.


What are the money making activities that a network marketer should be doing?


The term “money making activities” refers to any activity that can lead to making money. Sharpening pencils and organizing your desk don’t qualify as money making activities!


Here’s a list of the money making activities that a network marketer should be doing:


1. Talking to people about your products


2. Talking to people about your business opportunity


3. Having a product demonstration


4. Showing the business plan


5. Following up with the people who have seen a product demonstration or business plan


a network marketer takes product orders


6. Taking product orders


7. Recruiting people


8. Training new recruits to do the money making activities


If a network marketer is doing anything other than those activities, then they aren’t doing the things that will move them into profit.


Not all network marketers are created equal


There are many new network marketers who will start their businesses and continue working them until they are profitable. Some network marketers will keep going and will reach the higher levels of their compensation plan. Although, the vast majority of new network marketers will join a company and then do very little or absolutely nothing with it. All of the hopes and dreams that got them into the business seem to vanish right before their eyes. A sponsor is left to shake their head and wonder what happened to their new superstar. There are many reasons why this happens and none of them matter. The only that matters is whether the sponsor can do anything to minimize the number people who do little to nothing with their business.


The best way to get someone new to stay in the business is to get “a win” for them in their first 3 days. A win is usually a sale of their products or having the new distributor recruit someone, but it doesn’t have to just be those things. A win can be any of the money making activities. If your new recruit talks to someone about their business, shower them with praise. If they do a product demonstration, shower them with praise. If you want to magnify the praise, give the praise in front of your entire organization.


Celebrating the activities that your distributors are doing will encourage them to continue doing them. If they do enough of the money making activities, eventually, they’ll get to the next rank in your compensation plan!



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