Success in network marketing and other thoughts


Everyone who has ever join a network marketing company has wondered exactly what they need to do in order to become successful. Some people figure it out while others struggle, mightily. Unfortunately, 97% or more will never make any money and most of those will lose money. Most of them walk away from the industry thinking that it is a scam and that only the people at the top make any money.


A lot of the time it seems that way. It seems like the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.


I’ve read a lot of top earner’s stories over the years. The big secret in network marketing is that there is no secret. Success is not about a super influential script. It’s not about NLP. It’s not about being a super good closer. It’s about doing a few things and doing them over and over.


I want to spend a few minutes exploring some issues, in network marketing.


It was Victor Hugo who said, “Adversity makes men and prosperity makes monsters.”


If you apply that quote to network marketing it would mean that those who have many adversities or obstacles to overcome, would seem to do better than those who come from a background of prosperity.


I’ve read so many success stories where the person got into network marketing when they were at their lowest point. I hear these stories all the time. The two that come to mind are David Wood’s story. David Wood is the Co-Founder of Empower Network. He was living in his van when he joined network marketing. Then there is Ray Higdon. When he joined his primary company he was in personal foreclosure. I’m sure that you can come up with a lot more names than that!


It almost seems like you’d be better off to be dead broke or worse when you sign up!


Then I look at the vast majority of people who join the industry. They have a decent life. They have a nice home to live in and good car to drive to work. They have a pretty good job. It pays the bills. They go on vacation 2 weeks per year. They’re doing all right!


Basically, they’re fairly comfortable right where they are!


Then some network marketer comes along and tells them that they could have MORE. They could have “it all!” Wow! They see dollar signs in their eyes and they’re ready to sign up. The problem is that their sponsor probably failed to mention that owning a successful business takes work and a lot of it.


Success doesn’t know on your door. It doesn’t come to you all gift wrapped. You have to work at it, every day!


When the new distributors head finally comes out of the clouds and back down to earth, they realize that there really is work that has to be. The really bad news is that most new distributors are fairly comfortable with their, personal, situations. They find out that doing the work, in network marketing, would be way more painful than staying right where they are. What do they do? More than likely they do nothing. They quit.


Now I have a follow up question. I’m hoping that this will tie the whole article together.


If your current sponsor showed you the business presentation and after they were done they said, “All you have to do is to talk to 1,000 people, who have an interest in making some extra money and you will be successful in network marketing.” Would you have signed up? What if they said 500 people?


At least, if they did that, you’d know how much work you were going to have to do.


I wonder how many sponsors would actually give that kind of disclosure. I wonder how many people would join. I wonder if those that did join, would they do better or at least do something.


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