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Everyone who signs up with a network marketing company thinks that they are going to be successful. Some will talk themselves up. They will tell you how well they are going to do in this business and fast they will get there.


I remember one time I recruited a person who said, “Please, don’t let me fail.”


I told them that whether they found success or failure, that ultimately it was up to them. I told them that I’d help them. I’d give them the benefit of my experience. I told them that I’d work as hard for them as they worked for themselves.


I lived up to my end of the bargain. I let them tell me how they were going to run their business. I listened to all their business ideas. We went over all of it, together. We tweaked some things and had to lower their expectations, a bit. Then it was time for them to leave the nest.


They jumped out and went splat a few times. Unfortunately, going splat hurts and they ended up quitting.


The next person to join will do better, right? You’re going to help them more and do a lot of hand holding. You’ll get them over the hump and to success.


Things start out okay. They do some work. You do some work. They ask you to do a little more work for them. You’re happy to help them. Then things get out of hand. You end up doing most of the work for them. Not only are you trying to run your business, but now you’re running theirs as well. This is nothing less than exhausting.


Your recruit is now expecting you to make them successful. You have no choice but to back out of their business. Yours is suffering. Who can blame you? This isn’t going to workout. Your recruit doesn’t die, they just fade away.


There are any number of scenarios that you can find yourself in. I know I’ve found myself in some sticky situations. They are never fun and never easy to fix.

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I have learned some things, over the years. The number 1 thing that I’ve learned is that you can not make someone successful!


For me, I have the habit of seeing people for what they could be and not for who they, are now. I can see the cashier, at the WalMart, driving to work in a Porsche. I can see the guy living in the apartment complex, moving to a 4 bedroom, 3 bath colonial single family home.


The problem is that I can see them there, but they can’t see themselves there. For all of my desires for them and their success, they just aren’t ready for it. I can help them, teach them and do things for them, but in the end it’s all up to them.


It just isn’t possible to carry someone, kicking and screaming, over the finish line.


People will join your business, with the best of intentions, do next to nothing and then quit. You can try to “rescue” them, but you are probably wasting your time. I’m not suggesting the you recruit people and then leave them to their own devises. I do believe that every sponsor has a duty to lead and teach their recruits at least enough to get them started.


I would say that your should never work harder for someone than they are willing to work for themselves.


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