A tale of two network marketing distributors


This is how things can turn on a dime, in network marketing


network marketing can turn on a dime


Once upon a time …


I met a distributor, from another company and she had been working in her business for a while. She had rank advanced a few times due to her own purchases and the purchases of her 16 clients. She had recruited people into her business.


Let’s call her Mary.


On the surface, Mary appeared to be doing very well. You would think that she was on her way to success. The dark side of the story is that none of her recruits had ever done anything. Well, not much. The really dark side is that she has been running her business for 7 years.


I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that most people would’ve given up long before this. However, this distributor was not going to be deterred. She had a goal in mind and she was going for it, no matter how long it took. She believes in her company, their products and she has a strong belief in herself. Good for her!


The hero of our story walks into a local convenience store and strikes up a conversation with the person in line behind her. A very bold move on her part. They start to talking about the weather and the conversation quickly turns to her company’s products and the guy seems very interested in them. The guy seems to enjoy the conversation and she gives him her business card. She asks the guy to call her if he wants more information.


Let’s call him Jack.


The funny thing is that Jack called her about a week later. They meet at Starbucks and over coffee, he becomes client #17. Break out the champagne!


Now Mary knows that a happy client is very likely to turn into a distributor. She delivers the products to Jack and she tells him that she will follow up to see how he likes the products. Follow up she does.


network marketing over coffee


She dutifully follows up with Jack to the point of being relentless. She finds out the he likes the products and wants more information about becoming a distributor. Over the course of the next 10 weeks she calls him 8 times. Finally, she wears him down and he become a distributor. Jack is our second distributor, from the title of this article.


Jack is now a distributor. Mary just knows that this guy is going to be good! Well, things didn’t work out like that. Time rolls on. First it’s 6 months later and nothing has happened. Jack doesn’t seem to be doing very much with the business. Mary continues to mentor and teach Jack about the business. It’s now a year later and nothing has happened.


Well, I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that Mary might be thinking about quitting or least moving on to the next distributor.


Nope, not Mary. She came up with this cute idea to have a get together, at her home and invite people to have a meal and hear about the products. Jack thinks that this is a great idea. They plan this get together, for a few weeks and then they start to invite people. The strange thing is that they both get several people to agree to come to the “party.”


After the meal is over, they give a brief demonstration of their products and some people place several orders.


They decide to strike while the iron is hot and do another get together in 2 weeks. They go back to one guest, who actually invited several of her friends to attend and she agrees to come again. This time she invites more of her friends. They all have a great time and those people buy as well. This is getting too easy!


Jack and Mary think that the new customer would make a great distributor. They are able to get the new customer to sign up, very quickly. Yeah, this is too easy! All of her friend’s sales will go under her distributorship and she’ll get a nice check for that!


a network marketing home run hitter will brighten your day


Now Mary, who has been at this for many years may have stuck the mother lode. Obviously, it’s way too early to tell, but this string of events has brightened her outlook on the business.


What’s the moral of our network marketing story?


It’s not that you should have a meal at your house and invite your friends. Although, that might be a good idea.


The moral is that you never know who will end up bringing in the home run hitter. It might not be you and it might not even be someone that you recruit into your business. The home run hitter may be many levels below you.


Don’t give up, because you never know when you might find someone standing in line at the local 7-11 who finds you that person who will blow up your network marketing business!


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