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What does basketball have to do with network marketing? On the surface nothing. You have to figure that if I am writing an article relating the two, I’ll have to find a way to connect them.


I was thinking back on my illustrious coaching career. I coached my kids during their individual runs in county basketball. I wanted to share my experiences in coaching and tie it in to network marketing later.


When my oldest son start to play basketball, he was pretty good and he decided that he want to play county basketball. I didn’t have any coaching experience, at all. I didn’t want to start in his first year. I did volunteer to be an assistant coach. That’s a lot less responsibility and I knew I wouldn’t get the blame for a bad season. I felt pretty safe. It was fun to work with the kids and let the head coach make all the tough decisions. We had a decent year. I forget our record, but we weren’t the best team or the worst team. My son had fun and I think he liked it that I was an assistant coach.


I did the same thing for his second year. Again, we had fun. In his third year, we did great. I was the assistant. We won the regular season title. The bad news is that we lost in the first round f the playoffs. It was a great season, but a little disappointing in the post season.


It was then that I decided to give head coaching a shot. Bad decision! I drafted my team and went to work. We had some really good players on the team and I thought that we’d do really well. My first round pick had a heart condition and he only play in parts of 3 games. Then my son got hit in the eye with a stick, it’s true what your mother always said about playing with sticks! He missed 4 games. We struggled all year. We went 0-9. It was horrible.


I wasn’t going to be deterred! I went back for more in what would be my son’s last year. It’s an age thing. At 14 years old, they felt like they wouldn’t get enough kids to play so they end the program at 13.


I had the first pick I the draft and I liked my chances for the year. Well, that first pick kid was so much better than the rest of the league that he gave up on our team. He went through the motions, but never really tried. We wound up 4-5. It was a better year but it was still disappointing. My son did get to be an All Star that year. He was so excited!


basketball All Star


When my youngest son got old enough to play basketball, he followed in his brother’s footsteps. This time he didn’t want me to be head coach, but he was okay with me being assistant again. I did that for his first 2 years. He didn’t like his coach that last year. After the season was over he told me that he never wanted to play for that coach again. The only way that I could guarantee that was for me to be head coach. He said okay and we were in business.


In our first year, we had some really great players, but we couldn’t get it all together. We started out 1-3 and we took off for the Christmas break. I had made some defensive changes and when we came back from the break, we rattle off 5 straight wins. We finished 6-3. We lost in the first round of the playoffs, but the whole team knew we should’ve won that game. Several of the players made mistakes at the end of the game, but the death nail came when I called a time out while the other team had possession of the ball. Apparently, that’s against the rules. In my defense, that rule is not in the rule book that they gave me and that I read 3 times during the season. We were all bummed out.


The next year, I wanted to redraft all of the same players and win the championship for them. I got 1 player on my team from the previous year. Oh well, I really did try!


Turns out that I drafted a better for that year! We wound up 8-1 during the regular season and the only reason we lost that 1 game was because my 2 tallest kids were out that game. Our opponents had 3 kids that were 6 feet tall or taller. We only lost by 8 points.


We won the our first playoff game by 25 points and we won the championship game by 10 points. I really wish that there was 1 more year to play. It was so much fun!


I look back on my career and I wonder why I ever came back after going 0-9 that first year. I don’t think that anyone would’ve blamed me. My son is a good sport and he was all too happy to have me come back and try again. I’m not a quitter.


As you can see, we kept making improvements in our records.


study and then practice your network marketing skills


I persevered and became a better coach. We did better each year and I can tell you that winning that championship was the best thing ever! I got to share it with my son. Isn’t that what it’s all about anyway!


Now the tie in


The same thing can be said about a network marketing business. When I started coaching, I had no idea what I was doing. I studied basketball coaching online. I read books and I tried things out at our practices. Some worked more didn’t, but we all got better as the year went on.


I’m sure that if you do the same thing in network marketing that you will get similar results. You’ll improve as you read and practice things. You might start out 0-9 and you’ll think about quitting. I urge you to come back and try again. Maybe with improvements you’ll go 4-5, then 6-3. Hopefully, you’ll get to the point where you too can win the championship!


Perseverance and improvements will go a long way toward success. If you just don’t quit and keep working toward your goals, you should be fine. No guarantee, but you’ have to get better, right?


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