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I remember when I decided to start an exercise program. That was 9 years ago. My oldest son was 11 and my youngest was 5. They were starting to play sports and I knew that I needed to get into better shape, if I was going to keep up with them.


I decided that I would do walking. I did a lot of running in high school and college and then ran off and on in my 20s and 30s, but I figured walking would be my best bet to do something that I could stick with. That was a good decision! I love walking!! I stuck with it for many years. The only reason I had to stop was that I’ve injured both of my feet. I’m hopeful that they will heal enough to start walking again … soon!


It is really amazing how good a shape you can get yourself into just by walking. Okay, I walked a lot. I did 6 to 8 miles per day 6 days per week for all of those years. At one point, I had my pulse down to 45 beats per minute.


After a couple of years I started to wonder if I could ever do a marathon. My initial thought was, “NO WAY!” That’s a mere 26.2 miles of walking. How long would that take me, anyway?


After thinking about it for a while, I made the decision that I was going to do a marathon. Talk about challenging yourself. I was already in really good shape, I just need to work my way up to 21 miles and then just do it! It took me about 12 weeks to train for it and I was ready to go. I did my first marathon on my training course. My training course is extremely difficult! I finished it in 6:31:00. My second marathon I did the Baltimore Marathon and did that on in 5:52:34. Baltimore is a lot easier than my training course.


You have to be saying, “Nice accomplishment, Richard, but why should I care?”


The bottom line is, I wasn’t sure if I could actually complete a marathon, but I made the decision to do it!


Once I made the decision, it was a done deal. There was nothing that was going to stop me from achieving that goal.


Decisions in network marketing


 make your decision


Now the funny thing is that I’ve heard that kind of decision in network marketing. You probably have heard it a lot as well. “I was at my company’s national convention and I ‘made the decision’ to go for it!” That’s the same kind of decision that I made about doing a marathon.


I’ve heard about these decision making moments in network marketing, over and over, but it never occurred to me exactly what they were talking about. Have you ever made a decision with such conviction, with such belief that you knew that you were going to follow through with it? That nothing was going to deter you.


They say that everyone should go their company’s convention, because that’s where more decisions are made. I have to admit that I really didn’t understand that. Made a decision? What’s up with that?


Now I finally understand what they’ve been talking about all these years.


I do have to say that anyone can make that kind of decision anytime that they want to. They do not have to go to a convention. Although, it does seem to help with the process!


Are you ready to make that kind of decision about your future?


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