My top 10 articles of 2016


Top 10 articles for network marketers


top 10 articles for network marketers


I’ve been out and about on the internet, pursuing other blogs. I came across several that had written about the articles that they had written and which ones were read the most over the past 12 months. I never even thought about doing that.


It seems a bit self indulgent. However, being self indulgent is okay when you own a blog, right. It’s my blog, I’ll do what I want.


I wrote 230 new articles this year. That’s not as many as I would have liked, but I hope that you’ve gotten your money’s worth this year. Obviously, not every article had the benefit being on my blog for the entire year, so the results are skewed. Oh well. This is mainly for fun anyway … and self indulgence.


Now that we’ve that cleared up, here is a list of the 10 most read articles on my blog, for 2016.


Drum roll please ….


#10. My 25 favorite short inspirational quotes for network marketers


I’m a big fan of quotations. I hope that I’m not alone in that. Judging by the number of people who have read these, I’m not. There are quotes from Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins and Nike included. These are my favorite quotes. See if you can find your favorites in there!


#9. This is the best of the Plexus reviews


I wrote this review over a year ago and it hardly got any readers, in the beginning. I was really disappointed. However, it has come on like gang busters the past 6 months. If you are thinking about joining Plexus Worldwide you should read this review. It just might surprise you!


#8. My latest experience on Fiverr.com, youngceaser review, acbin5 review


I had 2 really bad experiences on fiverr.com. I took it upon myself to warn as many people as I could by writing about what happened. According to the numbers I’ve saved a lot of people a lot of money and misery! Think twice before you buy anything on fiverr.com.


are they scammers


#7. Devin Zander scam, Mario Cimmino scam, Link bound marketing scam, Rent-a-Serp scam


The title is full of keywords that I wanted to rank for, this shouldn’t take away from the information that is included in it. Buyer beware! I wish I had remembered that Latin phrase before I got involved with the Rent A SERP product. The article covers my 2 year journey to try to get to the truth about what happened. I see this article and my other rants as a public service. I’m just trying to make sure that this doesn’t happen to anyone else!


#6. My Home Page


I have to admit that I was a little surprised to find that my home page came in at #6.


#5. This is the best of the Initials Inc. reviews


This was a very small company when I wrote this article. I choose it because I thought that they would do very well. Coming in at #5, I guess I was right. This is a must read if you are thinking about joining them.


#4. You should be reading Younique reviews before you join?


This is another company that I thought would do well and they didn’t disappoint. They are one of the fastest growing network marketing companies around.


I just noticed it, but I actually wrote the title incorrectly. There is a question mark at the end of it, but the title isn’t a question. I meant to write “Should you be reading Younique reviews before you join?” Oh well, it’s too late to fix it now.


#3. Are you looking for Juice Plus reviews?


As you’ll notice, the top 5 articles are all MLM company reviews. I knew they would be popular, but I had no idea that they would dominate like this. The Juice Plus company is a 20+ year old company and I’d bet that not many of you have heard of them. If you want to learn more about them, this is a great article!


#2. You need to be reading Jamberry Nails reviews if you are thinking of joining


Jamberry Nails has been one of the fastest growing companies around. Meteoric is the word. They are now a 6 year old company and it seems like the skies the limit for them!


And the winner is ...


#1. Rodan and Fields reviews are a dime a dozen


This article has been a monster. It’s been read as many times as the Jamberry Nails article, the Juice Plus article and the Younique article, combined!


This company is huge and still growing. It was started by the 2 doctors who invented Proactive. The story gets way more interesting from there. You should read this article whether you are thinking about joining them or not!


Interesting facts:


It turns out that 16 of the top 25 articles on my blog are my company reviews. I guess I should be writing more company reviews.


My goal for 2017 is to write 260 articles. I fell a little short of that this year.


The articles that I think are the best and most helpful aren’t even in the top 25. I wonder why? I would imagine that is because the company review articles are showing up a lot in Google and other search engines, while the other articles are not.


If you’ve read this article down this far, I would suggest that you do a little exploring to see if you can find those better and more helpful articles!


Here’s to you having a healthy, happy and prosperous new year!


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