The top 4 reasons you need to build your network marketing business online


Network marketing … online or offline?


network marketing online or offline


If you are running your network marketing business offline, that’s fine. I would encourage to keep running it offline, but I would urge you to at least consider running part of it online. My own opinion about whether to be online or offline, is that most network marketers should to both!


I know that the online world is quite different that the offline world. There is a tremendous learning curve for a lot of the online venues. The good news is that you don’t have to figure out how to do everything, online. You just have to figure how to do one thing, well.


I’m not here to get you to pick a way to run your business, online. There are too many good ways to do this. You could choose to do blogging, video marketing, Facebook ads or other kinds of pay per click. You just need to pick one that seems like you could do that!


Here is my list of 4 reason for why you should be running your network marketing business online.




Reach can be defined as the total number of people who could see you or your advertising. It’s very difficult to beat the reach of the internet. According to the 2015 mid year update, the reach that you have online is about 45% of the world’s population. That’s over 3 billion people.


For people who are working their businesses offline, their reach is probably the number of people in their “warm market.” That’s a very limited number of people. Even if someone is a real go-getter, and their reach extends to their whole state or even their own country, this number pales in comparison the the number of people online.


Targeted prospects


targeted prospects for your network marketing business


Unfortunately, at any given time, there are only about 10% to 15% of the people who might be interested in owning their own business. The bad news for people who run their business offline, is that you just never know who those 10% to 15% are.


You end up having to talk to everyone to find out who is in that 10% to 15%. That can be very time consuming and it is a detriment to your “business psyche.” That means that the 85% to 90% of people, who aren’t going to be interested in your business, will be happy to tell you so in no uncertain terms.


The good news is that on the internet, those 10% to 15% of the people might be out there looking for what they want, a business to own. You just need to put yourself in the places that they will be looking and engage them.




You might be thinking that running your business, offline, is free. For the most part, that can be true. Talking to your warm market is free. If you are able to meet new people on a consistent basis, then that is probably free, too. For some people this strategy works. For a lot of people it doesn’t. They neither have the time nor the inclination to be out and about to meet new people. Talking to strangers is tough, but talking to strangers about your business is even tougher!


You could run ads in local newspaper, on local cable television or even in national magazines. This can get to be very expensive. A local newspaper might charge $50.00 for a week’s worth of ads. That adds up to $2,600.00 per year. A 30 second commercial, on your local cable television system, will run you about $10.00 each time it runs. They will suggest to you that you run it 10 times per day. That’s $100.00 per day and $3,000 per month. This can be very expensive and is out of the reach of most network marketers.


running ads can be expensive


Online, you can find many ways to run your ads for free, too. If you would like to run a 30 second commercial, you can make a video and put it on Youtube and the other video sites. The really good news is that you are not limited to 30 seconds. You can make a 5 or 10 minute video or even longer if you want.


If you wanted to run ads in your local newspaper, you can now put ads on Craigslist, for free. If you had thought about running ads in a magazine, you could start your own blog and have your own source of information for people to read.


There are ways to spend money for ads online. Like Facebook ads, Google’s Adwords and other pay per click venues, but you don’t really need to do that to reach millions of potential customers.




If you are running ads offline, those ads can stay there until you stop paying for them. As long as you can afford it, you’re okay. If you have cash flow problems, then you’re in trouble.


your network marketing could be online forever


Online, can be completely different. If you put a video on Youtube, write a blog post or write an article for an article directory, you have the potential to have that content to be online, forever! It’s hard to beat forever.


There are some advantages to working your network marketing business offline! Being able to talk to people, face to face, is a huge advantage. That’s why I always suggest that most network marketers use both online and offline methods to build their businesses.


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