The top 5 reasons that network marketing top earners are top earners


Will you be a top earner in your network marketing company?


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Have you ever wondered why some people do well, in network marketing, while others struggle constantly? Some network marketers will become top earners and others will lose money and quit the business.


How do they become top earners?


I can tell you that they’re nothing special. They come from all walks of life and from just about every profession. They could have been butchers, bakers or candlestick makers. They might have been a doctor, a lawyer, a business owner or they could’ve been unemployed and homeless. It seems that almost anyone can become a top earner.


Then why do some people fail and others reach the top level of their company’s pay plan?


Here are the top 5 reasons why top earner become top earners.


1. Top earners make a total commitment to their own success.


Top earners make a decision that they will become successful, no matter what. They will not be deterred and they will not be denied. To them, success is the only option. They are willing to do the work that is necessary. They are committed to reaching their goals.


2. Top earners make a plan.


Top earners know that they will need a plan of action and a course to follow. They make up their plan and they only change it when it’s necessary. They make mistakes along the way, but they quickly learn from them and adjust as they go. They know that without a road map they could get lost.


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3. Top earners associate with like minded people.


Top earners know that negative people are one of the biggest killers of dreams. They are willing to eliminate those people that will hold them back. They know that there is much to learn from other successful people and they actively seek out those that they can learn from.


4. Top earners practice self improvement.


Top earners are readers. They read books about self development and self improvement. They know that to have more, they must be more. They constantly look for ways to make themselves more valuable to the marketplace.


5. Top earners expand their networks.


Top earners know that the size of their net worth is equal to the size of their network. They look to meet as many new people as then can. It doesn’t matter whether they are online or offline. They are building their network to increase their sphere of influence and to generate more leads for their business. They never know who might lead them to the next home run hitter.


There you have it. Those are the 5 top reasons why top earners become top earners, in network marketing. If you would like to become a top earner, in your network marketing company, I’d suggest taking these 5 things into consideration. If you haven’t made a total commitment to your own success, if you haven’t made a plan on how you will become a top earner, if you aren’t associating with like minded people, if you haven’t started a self development program and if you aren’t purposely building your network, I’d suggest that you start on all of these. Because without them, you’ll find it very difficult to be success or become a top earner.



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