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network marketing business killers


There are many ways that you can make sure that you’re not successful in your network marketing business. The most common way is to get your distributor kit and just stare at it for the next year or two. Most people end up doing nothing or very little with this opportunity. Another thing that I see a lot of people doing is to jump from one company to another, very quickly. They blame the company or their products and they go to the next company.


I guess the grass seems greener.


The obvious solutions to these two problems is to take action from the very beginning and stick with the company that you are with now. I know that there are some very real reasons to leave a company, but if you are leaving because you didn’t do the work then you might as well stay where you are and get to work!


For the people who are doing the work, here are 6 more ways that you can kill your network marketing business.


Exaggerating what your products can do


This is fairly common. A distributor wants to get some customers for their products so they exaggerate what the products can do for the customer. Frankly, this is just bad business. It doesn’t have to be as bad as, “It slices, it dices and it will even take your dog for a walk.” If you’re telling a prospect that they will get more energy from your products and you know that not every feels that surge in energy, that’s enough of an exaggeration. What happens is that you make a sale, but you’ll never get a reorder. That’s a sale that will never generate residual income. It will just make unhappy, former customers who will be all too happy to let their friends and family know that your products don’t do what you say they will do. Just so you know, the truth is usually good enough. You could say, “Some people experience a surge in energy, but not everyone does. Even if you don’t feel the extra energy here is what is happening inside of you.” Unmet expectations are a killer!


Exaggerating the amount of money that the typical distributor can make


This one is really common. A lot of distributors are willing to make the network marketing seem more appealing by making income claims that just aren’t true. They can either say that they are making more money than they are actually making or they could make the claim that network marketing is easy and that they could make a certain amount of money. They could also tell people that is won’t take that much time to reach certain income goals.


Being inconsistent in your efforts


There are some people who seem to build up a bunch of energy and go out to work their business for maybe a week or two and then they go into hiding. Then they build up a little more energy and they go out and work for a week or two. They can reach out to members of their team and let them know that now is the time to get moving. Everyone has an air of expectancy. They think that good things will finally happen. For a while, they do. Unfortunately,that feeling doesn’t last long. As soon as the person that’s making this call to action runs out of gas, everything come to a screeching halt. Disillusionment sets in after a while and it’s like the boy who cried wolf.


Being negative


Being negative can come in many didn’t flavors. It can be anything from complaints about an upline or a downline. It could be talking badly about the company or the products. It can even be talking about a prospect. I don’t know if it is just a matter of misery loving company or just that people like to look at a train wreck, but it’s not a good thing when you are trying to accomplish a goal. Negativity is a self fulfilling prophesy! It feeds on itself and leave the negative person expecting bad things to happen. Being negative is one of the quickest ways to kill a network marketing business.


negativity can kill your network marketing business


Having a strategy of the day


I’ve seen this all too often. Someone in the upline is having success with a particular method and it becomes the preferred method for all of the downline. This is fine as long as the downline experiences nearly the same success. What usually happens is that the downline doesn’t get the same results and they are now looking for the next strategy to come down the lane. They find one and the process starts all over again.


Stealing distributors


This happens way more than it should. The theft could be accidental. Someone could show up at a meeting and claim that they “just found out about the meeting.” No one actually sent them there and they like what they saw and want to sign up. Someone signs them up and it later comes out that they were a prospect of a downline member. This is bad enough. Some thefts are intentional. A distributor finds someone at a meeting and they are alone. Even though they know that they are a prospect of the person who isn’t there, they try to recruit that person into their organization. That’s when it can hit the fan.


As you can see, most, but not all of these have a common theme. It’s when expectations go unmet that you usually get the problems starting. They usually snowball from there and the next thing you know, you’re without an organization.


Just try to run your business with full integrity! If you do, you should be able to avoid most, if not all, of these 6 business killers.


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