Are top earners, in network marketing, something special?



Do you want to be a top earner in network marketing?


will network marketers do the work


Whether you love them or hate them, the top earners in network marketing are nothing special. They put their pants on one leg at a time just like the rest of us. The problem is that the people, who aren’t successful yet, are putting the top earners on a pedestal. They look up to them and at times they worship them.


If you ask a top earner, most of them will admit to not being anything special. They’ll tell you that they just did the work. Guess what? That’s the truth. They were willing to roll up their sleeves and do the work that most network marketers are unwilling to do.


What if I could convince you that all you had to do was to talk to 25 people per week and you’d wind up being a top earner, as well. Would you be interested in doing that? That would be talking to an average of 3 to 4 people per day, 7 day a week. Are you still interested?


I’m sure that most network marketers would jump at that opportunity. Talking to 25 people per week sounds pretty easy, doesn’t it? I mean this is your business. You should be able to do a bit of work toward your own success, right?


Talking to 25 people per week is about 100 people per month. Are you still interested? That’s a bunch of people. Do you think that you can find 100 per month to talk to about your business opportunity? That would be about 1,200 people per year. Are you still interested?


Over the course of 4 years, you would talk to almost 5,000 people. Do you think that you could find 5,000 people to talk to in 4 years? Are you still interested?


If you were convinced that you could be a top earner, in the next 4 years, would you do the work? Does 4 years sound like too much time for you? Or does talking to 5,000 people overwhelm you and make you do nothing? Most network marketers can’t imagine be able find 5,000 people to talk to let alone to actually talk to them.


It’s a lot of people to find and to talk to. Would anyone blame you for not wanting to do that much work? Would your family understand if you just quit? Would your friends let you off the hook for not doing the work?


How will you feel about yourself if you walk away from this opportunity? That’s the really question, isn’t it? What are you going to think about yourself? Will you feel more like a failure? Will you see yourself as a quitter?


are you quitting network marketing

Can you rationalize all of it away?


Are the top earners anything special? Or are they just people who were willing to do the work? Are they just people who decided that they couldn’t live with themselves if they didn’t do their best to be a success in this business?


Can you be successful by talking to 5,000 people?


If you apply the 80-20 rule, you’ll find that of the 5,000 people you talk to 80% won’t want to have anything to do with you or your business and about 20% of them will say yes to seeing your business presentation. That would be about 1,000 of them. Then 80% of the people who said they would watch your presentation won’t want to join your business and about 20% will say yes. That’s about 200 new distributors for your business.


If you’re able to recruit 200 people, do you think that you could be successful in network marketing?


I can’t guarantee that you’d be a top earner, but you’d be well on your way to the top!


Now I ask you, are you willing to do the work or not? Can you find 3 to 4 people to talk to about your business, every day?


Unfortunately, most network marketers will say yes to that question, but most of them are just fooling themselves. The numbers say that less than 1% of network marketers will follow through.



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