Who are the Top MLM Earners?


top mlm earners


I won’t bore you with a full list of the top mlm earners. But I will put the top 20 here.

1  Barry Chi & Holly Chen                           Amway                   $850,000
2  Holton Buggs                                              Organo Gold         $600,000
3  George Zalucki & Art Napolitano       ACN                         $475,000
4  Foo Howe Kean & Jenny Ko                 Amway                   $450,000
5  Enrique and Graciela Varela                Herbalife                $425,000
6  Sunny Hsu & Debra Hsieh                     Amway                    $400,000
7  Rolf Kipp                                                      FLP                           $375,000
8  Bill & Peggy Britt                                       Amway                    $350,000
9  Carol & Ken Porter                                   Monavie                  $350,000
10 Dexter & Birdie Yager                           Amway                    $350,000
11 Jim & Nancy Dornan                              Amway                    $350,000
12 Max Schwarz                                             Amway                    $350,000
13 Tsuyoshi Tomioka                                  Synergy                   $350,000
14 Lita & Brig Hart                                        Monavie                  $325,000
15 Gina & Steve Merritt                              Monavie                  $320,000
16 Debbie & Geoff Davis                             ACN                           $300,000
17 John Peterson                                         Herbalife                  $300,000
18 Kaoru Nakajima                                      Amway                     $300,000
19 Marco & Milagro Dubon                      FLP                             $300,000
20 Sherman Unkefer                                   Xango                        $300,000

(Those are monthly incomes!)

How do you become one of the top MLM earners?


I wanted to know who the top mlm earners were and how did they get to be top mlm earners.  I also wanted to know if the top mlm earners had things in common.

Some of my preconceived notions were as follows:

1. Top MLM earners are good looking
2. Top MLM earners are extroverts
3. Top MLM earners joined a new MLM company (ground floor)
4. Top MLM earners joined an older established company
5. Top MLM earners love to talk
6. Top MLM earners were smarter than the average person
7. Top MLM earners had prior business experience

8. Top MLM earners had a better business plan

So I started to explore each of these notions.  I watched a bunch of videos of these top earners maybe you’ve heard of some of these people and maybe you haven’t, as well as names that you probably know, like Mike Dillard, Jonathan Budd, Ray Higdon and David Wood.

After watching videos of these top earners, I quickly eliminated notion number.  Some of these people might be considered good looking but most are pretty much average looking.  No offense to any of you!

Notion number 2 and number 5 are similar but not the same.  There are some introverts that love to talk.  They are what I like to call “situational extroverts.”  They are able to turn on that part of their personality when they need to.   Although I think being one of the top mlm earners has something to do with loving to talk.  They are able to talk to people, at will.  And that’s a main part of being successful in this business.  Not that you have to talk to anyone to be successful. Look at Daegan Smith.  The King of Never Calling a Single Lead.  Not that he never talked to anyone.  And I’ve watched a bunch of Daegan videos.  He loves to talk.

Most introverts can talk to people when they want to.

If you look at the top 20 list you see that some of them have joined older companies like Amway but some of them have joined newer companies like MonaVie.  So it didn’t look like there was anything to the notion that the age of the company really mattered.  The top earners in Amway joined in 1982 and that was 25 years after Amway was started.

Although most of these people seemed bright, no one really stood out as being that much smarter than the average person.  So I’m not sure that brains had a lot to do with their success.

Last on my list is having a better business plan.  That may have a lot to do with it.  It is a little difficult to tell what all these top MLM earners did on a daily basis to achieve their success.

My guess is that it takes some of each to be successful.  I think that they just want it more than most people do and they are willing to do what it takes to get where they want to get to.  They are all willing to do the work.  If you opened your distributor kit and wait for the money to come gushing out, I think you missed the point of being in business for yourself.

If you want to be a top mlm earner you’re going to have to do the work, meet and talk to people and learn how to invite them to see the business plan of the company that you have chosen to work with.  And as they say … rinse and repeat!

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