Unrealistic expectations

Do you have unrealistic expectations for your business?



I toyed with the idea of titling this article, “Are we there yet?” but, I figured that it would sound like a group of children sitting in the back seat of your car. Or it would sound like the title of an Ice Cube movie. It was entertaining but, enough is enough.


When someone joins you in your business, are you finding out what they expect from the business?


what are their expectations


You’ve probably spent some time talking to them before they joined about their dreams and goals. Which is all fine and dandy but, now that they are “in,” it is imperative to not only know what their expectations are but, to also find out what they are willing to do to get their dreams.


Great expectations


In my last post, I quoted the statistic that 75% of network marketers quit the business in 60 days or less. For a long time I’ve wondered, what is it is that makes people give up so easily. With all of the good things that can happen to you if you become a success in business, hanging out there, waiting for you to take it, why would anyone give up? Yet, 3 out of every 4 quit.


I think back to when I started my “traditional” business. That’s the new code word for offline businesses, or so I’ve heard. It probably took me 2-3 years of working 40-50 hours per week to get to a point of reaching even some of my goals.


If you look at the amount of real hours that I put into growing my business, 2 years of 50 hours per week, that would be about 5000 hours.



business expectations



Are there any network marketers who would be willing to put in 5000 hours into their businesses?


Would it be worth it to do just that? Of course it would!


How many hours does the average network marketer devote to building their businesses? If one is very diligent, they are probably putting in a whopping 1 hour per day. I would hazard a guess that most people are doing that 1 hour every other day or every third day, at best.


For the sake of argument, let’s go with the average, diligent network marketer and say they are doing that 1 hour a day worth of work. I’ll even give them the benefit of the doubt and say that they are working the business 6 days per week. At this blistering pace, they will have put in a mere 300 hours toward building their business, in the first year.


Reality check


It would take them nearly 20 years of this to reach the 5000 hours I put into building my offline business.


Now for the reality. If that person is really doing the 1 hour every other day it would take them 40 years!


More reality. The person who quit in their first 60 days, I should probably say, the 3 out of 4 people who quit in their first 60 days may have put in a whopping 48 hours in to business building. Is that a fair amount of time to devote to building a business? Is 48 hours a good try? Is it reasonable to expect that you reach your dreams and goals with just 48 hours of work?


manage your expectations



Let me ask you this question, can you reach your goals working in your job? Maybe you can, maybe can’t. Let’s just say that it is possible for you to work your job and reach your goals.

Is it reasonable to think that you could reach your goals in 48 hours of working there? Those 48 hours are little more than the average work week. Could you expect to reach your goals, at your job, in a week? Would you be so disappointed that you couldn’t reach your goals in a week, that you’d quit?


I’m going to go with, no, you wouldn’t quit. It would be unrealistic to think that you would reach your goals in a week.


Then why do so many people quit their business in the first 60 days?


Let me say now, that I don’t think that it should take 5000 hours to reach your goals in network marketing. I can’t say how long it should or could take you but, with some skills, it should be less than that and hopefully, a lot less.


My advice is to manage the expectations of everyone that you recruit. Go over these numbers with all new recruits. Get a commitment from them to give business building a decent amount of time. A commitment of 1 year sounds about right.



what are your expectations



It doesn’t do anyone any good to have a revolving door on their business.




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