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Do you need help building your network marketing business?


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Who’s your upline? Is it one of your friends or relatives? Are they the ones who tricked you into getting into this business? Was it a co-worker or maybe one of your neighbors? If this is your first attempt at network marketing then odds are that it was someone from your warm market. All bets are off if it’s your 2nd through your 10th time in network marketing.


How much does your sponsor know about business? Do they know how to run a business, profitably? Do they know how to run a business, at all? If they know how to run a successful business, are they able to teach you how to do it? If they don’t know anything about business, are they someone who you would want to follow?


If you spend any time listening to any of the network marketing gurus, you know that they will tell you that you should be able to build a business without the help of your upline. I guess you could and I’m sure that most of the top earners did it without the help of an upline. I would think that most people build their business without much help from their upline, because most sponsors have no idea what to do anyway.


Okay, now here’s what I don’t get and I’m hoping that someone out there can explain this to me. How come the gurus will tell you that you should be able to build a successful network marketing business without an upline, but they will turn around and tell you to buy their coaching program for thousands of dollars?


I don’t know about you, but that sounds contradictory. You don’t need a coach to build, but you need a guru’s coaching to build. What’s up with that?


It sounds to me like you just need to choose a better upline, when you first get started in the business. What if you were able to find someone who was already successful and they were in the company that you wanted to join, wouldn’t that make more sense to join with them? Your upline would be a trainer and a successful one at that. You could get trained for free, right?


How would you find such a person and join their downline?


If you wanted to join the XYZ Weight Loss MLM couldn’t you just call the company and ask for a list of people who had reached a certain level and call them? I’m not sure you’d want a top earner. They may be too busy being a guru to give you much time and training. Besides, they might charge you.


I would think that you could find someone who is on the the 4th or 5th level of the pay plan. They are still working towards the top level and they are most likely to have an incentive to work with you and train you.


training for network marketing


Doesn’t that mean that no one would ever join a beginner again?


Maybe, but more than likely the person you join with would place you somewhere in their downline and you’d be given someone who would be your contact person. You’d have access to the person who is higher up, but you’d probably work directly with the person you were placed under.


The other thing that could happen is that the person on the 4th level could sponsor you directly and maybe all of the beginners don’t get to sponsor anyone. I doubt that would happen, but I guess it could!


The bad thing is doing something like that would put all of the gurus out of business. I wouldn’t want to do that, would I?


Should you trust your current upline? Yes, you can trust them, but that doesn’t mean that they will be able to help you to have a successful business.



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