What is in a newsletter?

Hopefully, you have read my post on picking a targeted audience or specific type of person that your are trying to work with.  You can find it here.

You’ve generated some traffic with your blog, now what?  You should be capturing some of your visitors email information as they visit your site.  You do this by offering them a free gift.

It’s kind of a bribe.  Or a trade.  You are trading something of value with them.  You can give them a product, a report or maybe even an ongoing newsletter.


what is in a newsletter


What is in a newsletter that your visitors would find of interest?


You’ll need to pick out a topic that you can find enough to write about on a weekly basis.  Yes, writing a newsletter weekly is enough.  You need to have 2-3 articles in it each week.  This is no small task. So be sure that you can come up with that amount of content before you decide to offer a newsletter.

Pick a good looking and easy to work with template for your newsletter.  You want it to look the same each time you send it.  This will create familiarity with your readers.

This is a perfect avenue to build relationships with your readers as you can make your content less rigid and more of a friendly tone.  More of your personality can come out in a newsletter.   Take advantage of that fact!

You can offer tips and tricks of your business or company.   Anything thing that your readers would find interesting and helpful to them and what they are trying to accomplish.  Lists of any kind that are in your niche are always appreciated.  It can be the top 5 ways to do something.  Or just a list of top facts about your industry.

You are trying to be educational and motivational.  You need for your readers to learn from you.  This aids in building a relationship with them.  You also are trying to be motivational.

This is a great opportunity to get your readers to take some action.  Maybe you are trying to sell a product or get someone to see a webinar about your business or company.

Encourage dialogue.  You want to get people talking to you about themselves and their problems.  If you can help solve their problems, you have a friend for life.  But any kind of interaction is good.  Have as “Ask The Editor” section.  This promotes the relationship in a way that will help you to have better content.


ask the editor


It’s much easier to provide good content when your readers are telling you want they want to read about.

What is a newsletter that your readers will find helpful in deciding whether to work with you further?

You can have interviews with both people in your company and with clients.  These will amount to testimonials for the business and the products and services that you company offers.  This should prove to be helpful in their decision making process.

You can offer product reviews.  This can be helpful in both selling products to those who might not want to work with and it can also be convincing that you have something worth getting involved in to those who might be wanting to join you.

What is in a newsletter that your readers will find unique?

These are tons of newsletter out there and even more random information floating around.  You need to find things that are unique and that will make you stand out to your readers.  You want people to see your newsletter in their inbox and look forward to opening it.  Because they know that it will be filled with information that is useful to them.

What is in a newsletter that your readers will find fun or entertaining?

You can create weekly or monthly contests.  You could give away your company’s product or service to the winner.  Or you can give away your time.  Maybe a 30 minute consultation with you, personally.  You can make it a question and answer call or an educational call, where you teach them something about marketing.


contest winner


Offer anything of value, that you think the readers would find helpful.

Wrap up your newsletter with a sample of the information that will be included in the next issue.  You want to leave them wanting more!

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