What is article syndication?

Article syndication is spreading your articles around the web.

You can spread them to other people’s blogs, as in guest blogging.  Or you can spread them to article directories.


what is article syndication


There is more than one way to spread the love.

The main way that people have used article syndication has been for SEO purposes or for article marketing.  When you post your articles to article directories you get some of the PR from those sites.  Probably the most popular article directory is EzineArticles.

A lot of people used article syndication for backlinks in their article marketing strategies.  They would write an article and then “spin” it until it was not really suitable for human consumption.  (spinning an article means that it is rewritten using synonyms of the words that are already in the article, more on this later) Then they would submit the “spun” articles to as many directories as they could.  This gave them lots of high PR backlinks.

What is article syndication and is it worth the bother since Panda and Penguin?

If you are using “spun” articles for syndication you’ve probably felt the wrath of the Panda and the Penguin.  Google no longer likes “spun” content.  I don’t know what Google likes anymore, but then again, I don’t think that Google knows what it likes either.

If you are a reader of my blog you know that I am all about quality content.  I wrote all of my posts and I don’t think that I would ever “spin” it.  So article syndication, in my opinion, should start with high quality content!

Your content, articles, are your chance to show the world what you have to say.  Make sure you say it in an interesting and entertaining way.

I am here to tell you that if you submit high quality content, that you will drive traffic from the article directory sites.  You don’t have to worry about the backlinks or the PR that you get or don’t get.

You can submit the exact same article to different sites.  You do not have to worry about duplicate content.  There is no penalty for using it or having it around the web.  It just won’t help you as much as having unique content, at least in the eyes of the search engines.  But we are not really doing article syndication for the search engines.  We are doing it to dazzle the world with our writing ability and information.

Think of your articles that you submit to the directories as fishing hooks or commercials for your blog or website.  This is all about driving traffic not for the backlinks.


your articles are fishing hooks


If you write an article and post it to say the best 6 directories then you have 6 hooks out there to capture traffic.  As people read your articles they will be inclined to visit your blog to read more of you stellar and helpful content.

So how much traffic can you get from this type of strategy.  Well, there is no real way to tell.  Remember we are living in a keyword driven world. The article directories are no exception.  If you wrote for good keywords then you can expect that with good content that you will drive some traffic to your blog or site.

Okay, I hate doing math for people but here is an example of traffic.  If you wrote 1 article 24 times per month and submit the article to 6 directories.  Yikes.  You with me so far?  That would be 144 “hooks” in the internet waters.  Now if you just drive 1 visitor per day from each article that would be 144 new visitors the first month.  Then it multiplies from there.  Pretty soon you’re talking really good traffic numbers.


i hope you like math


Putting all the math aside, I hope you can see the benefits of article syndication.

Here are the best 6 article directories to submit your articles to.

1.  www.ezinearticles.com
2.  www.goarticles.com
3.  www.articlesbase.com
4.  www.articlesnatch.com
5.  www.ezinemark.com
6.  www.articlecity.com

Now there are dozens of article directories out there.  Maybe you will others that are just as good for driving traffic.

You can also build other websites at places like:

1.  www.squidoo.com
2.  www.hubpages.com
3.  www.buzzle.com
4.  www.gather.com

Some of these can be used in a backlinking strategy but I’m not going to go into that here.  These days backlinking can help you but Google will penalize you if you get “bad” backlinks.  I’m not sure what qualifies as a “bad” backlink.

So what is article syndication?

It is a way to drive traffic from other websites on a daily basis.  Be sure to use quality articles.  Please do not spin any of your articles!  It’s really not worth it anymore.


artilce spinning can be hazardous


A bit on article spinning.  If you insist on spinning articles, please do it on the sentence or paragraph level.  That means rewrite entire sentences 2 or 3 times or more times if you can.  Or rewrite entire paragraphs.  Don’t just use synonyms or words in each sentence.   If that makes sense then you probably have spun articles.  If it made no sense at all you’re probably better off!

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