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Well, this is a first.  Some of the time when I get to the computer and I’m ready to write my post for the day. I have an idea of what to write about.  Sometimes not.  If it’s a day that I know I want to write a post based around a keyword, I pull up my list of over 1500 keywords and look for something that interests me.

For the very first time I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about what I wanted to write today.  That’s never happened to me before.  I guess it was a matter of time before my blog invaded my dreams. It was then that I decided to write about this incident.

As I laid there thinking, I was trying to come up with a title for the post.  I started with Blog Fever, then I tried Cat Scratch Fever or Saturday Night Fever, but that didn’t seem right.  Jungle Fever?  No.

Then I tried “If you build it, he will come.”  A line from one of my favorite movies.  Field of Dreams.  A great father-son movie from the 80s.


Field of Dreams


Blogging for Traffic



I wanted to talk about traffic generation today, so I thought that “if you build it, “they” will come was” appropriate or at least a good place to start things.

Because in the world of the internet, it is so untrue.  You can build any kind of site you want, but it doesn’t mean that anyone will show up to read it.  Especially, if you don’t constantly add good content and let people know who you are and where to find your site.

I’ve done fairly well with traffic.  My blog started out at 1,700,000 or so and today I am around 403,000.  Now, I don’t have any real secrets to share. I will say this, the best way to generate traffic, or at least it has been for me, is to write constantly. At least one post per day and it has to be quality content.  That’s really all I have done to get the traffic that I have.

I haven’t done anything else that has helped me.  I got some backlinks that I thought would help me, but I think in the era of the Panda and Penguin, that it actually hurt me for a while.

Nothing major.  It only slowed the growth of traffic for a few days, but it certainly didn’t help any.


generating more traffic


There may be tricks or tips that you can use to help move your posts up in the search engines. I’m just not the guy to be telling you any of that, at the moment.  I’ve been out and about in the blogosphere reading articles and asking questions when I can, but I haven’t found anyone who knows much more than that. It seems that the Panda and Penguin updates, to Google’s algorithm, have thrown everyone for a loop!


Blogging is fun!


If you would like to keep up to date on how the Panda and Penguin update are effecting traffic generation you can read one of two blogs that I have found. The first one is Ana Hoffman’s site.  Called Traffic Generation Cafe.  I have been reading her blog for almost a year now.  She’s excellent.  A very good writer and responses to nearly every comment or question.  Her blog is back to top 12,000 as well.  She knows her stuff!

I was reading her blog last night and she had a link to an ebook that was written by Kim Roach.  Now, I have heard of Kim, but I had never found her blog before.

The ebook is incredible.  It is called Underground Traffic Black Book.  I started it last night, but it is BIG so I’ll do more reading on it today.  Chock full of great info.  Her site is a treasure trove of information.  It’s called Buzz Blogger.  Kim’s site is top 10,000 in Alexa.

When it comes to blogging and driving traffic to their sites, these women are two of the best!

These are good places to leave a comment as you may be able to pull some of their traffic to your site!

There are the links to two ladies who know there stuff when it comes to generating more traffic for your blogs.   My blog might bleed out because I’m adding direct links to these blogs but if I do bleed out, I know I will be leaving you in very good hands!!

As an aside, I didn’t go with Boogie Fever either.  I finally settled on Blogging Fever.  Maybe White Line fever would’ve been better?? I dunno?

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