What is a Sales Funnel and Why Should I Use One?

What is a sales funnel?



what is a sales funnel used for

 Marketing Sales Funnel


Well, I think the term “sales funnel” is a bit of a misnomer.  It isn’t a funnel at all.  It is more like a conveyor belt system.  It is the basis of your marketing system after you have gathered up the email addresses of your leads.  I call it a conveyor belt because the people who are your leads move through your sales process as if they are on a conveyor belt.  They will move from place to place and see, not only, your information but also any offers to buy various items that you may wish to try to sell to them.


But for our purposes, I’ll refer to it as a sales funnel.


Back to, what is a sales funnel?


Define Sales Funnel


Okay, I blog for leads.  You may have chosen a different marketing system but we are both trying to gather leads for our businesses.  Actually, we are trying to gather email addresses of our leads.


Once we do that, we can market and advertise to them forever or until they do one of two things.  Join our business or opt out of your mailing list.


So what is a sales funnel used for?


It is a way to move people along in the buying sequence.  Maybe your lead will never join your MLM business and that’s okay.  Most people are not ever going to join you.  But with a mailing list and a sales funnel you can always provide them with quality content, helpful information and you can always try to sell them products or services that you yourself provide.  Or it can be a product or service that you are an affiliate for.


A sales funnel, in essence, guides people to their decision.  It offers them a standardized process to follow and allows your leads to gather the needed information to arrive at a decision about any and all offers that you make.  These decisions also include the decision as to whether or not to join you in your business.


The system is standardized, meaning that everyone receives the same information in the same order.


This makes it necessary for you, the sales funnel provider, to have a well thought out process for everyone to follow.  So before you get started, you will need to think about and map out the sale funnel process.  In the case of being online and gathering leads online, you will need to set up your autoresponder with the exact order of emails that will continually move your leads along the decision making conveyor.



what is a sales funnel



What is a sales funnel and should you use one?


If you are running your business, either in part or fully, online, you have no choice but to set up and use a sales funnel.


Well, I guess you could make and send out your contact emails by hand but it is relatively cheap to automate this process.  So you may as well invest the few dollars per month that it costs to have the automation and standardization that an autoresponder provides.


What is sales funnel management?


After you set up your sales funnel you will need to manage it.


This means that you may have to change things in the process as you go along.  You may find that something in the process doesn’t provide you with the results you expected.  This is just a minor correction.  It could be that your invitation to see your businesses compensation plan is basically ignored or too few people are taking you up on the offer to see the webinar.


So just change the wording in the offer or change your offer.


This also applies to every offer that you make.  If something doesn’t work well enough change the offer or make an offer on something else.


What is a sales funnel and how do you set one up?


Your sales funnel will consist of a series of emails that everyone will receive.  I would think that most of your emails would contain your content.  Maybe a “Hey, I just wrote a new blog post.”  This will keep your traffic numbers up.  Or an email that has information that isn’t going to be on your blog or in an article.  Kind of a special offer type thing.  You should send out these type of emails everyday.


So you will need to decide how often to make your offers.  I would suggest making a sales offer not any more often than once per week and once per month might be better.  Add these type of emails into your regular emails.  The sales offers can take the place of a regular email but you can add these in on top of your regular sequence, if you prefer.


If someone in your sales funnel buys something from you they need to be moved to a “buyers” list.  This is a whole new sales funnel sequence.  Once someone buys from you, they are more likely to buy something else from you in the future.


As your leads perform tasks, take you up on any offer, then you move them to a new sales funnel sequence.  It can get to be complex and that is why I suggested to plan your sales funnel.  I actually have a sheet of paper that I draw out the sales funnel.



a sales funnel is more like a conveyor belt



Each step is planned.  Then a new sequence is needed as people go through the funnel and perform tasks.


Think of the sales funnel process like an assembly line and a conveyor belt.  At each station, your emails, something needs to be done, a decision needs to be made.  Information can be read or not read.  A product can be bought or not bought.  A business presentation can be seen or not seen.  You need to have a sequence of emails for either of the two decisions that can be made.


What is a sales funnel?  It is a marketing and sales process.  Should you use one?  Absolutely!



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