What are solo ads?

What are solo ads

What Are Solo Ads?

So do you really need a blog or a website to build a list or recruit people?  Surprisingly, the answer is “no!”  All you really need is a landing page and a few bucks.

So what are solo ads and how can they be used to build a list and to recruit people into your business?

In short, solo ads are emails that are sent to someone else’s lists.  you can send your marketing and advertisements to a pre-existing list of pre-qualified people.
The list can be found from another marketer or even a list that has been compiled by an ezine.  These lists can contain 1000s of laser targeted leads.  They are just waiting to receive your offer!

What are solo ads and how do they work?

You contact the list owner, whether it is an individual or an ezine and the two of you agree on price and click throughs.

Please only work with marketers that guarantee the number of clicks!

So you might contact the owner of an ezine who specializes in network marketing information.  So you know that the list contains people who are already in MLM or interested in starting with MLM.  How targeted is that?

Just as an example, you might contract for 300 clicks and pay $35.00.  Opt in rates can and do go as high as 40%, but figure on getting 25%-30% as an average.  So the list owner sends out an email containing your offer to a certain amount of people.  When he gets to the agreed upon click throughs, the list owner would stop send out emails.

In the above example you might get 70-80 opt ins and you would’ve paid about $.50 for each sign up.  That’s a fairly typical rate overall.  You might pay as little as .25 per opt in or as high as $1.00.  Track all solo ads and make sure that they are cost effective and affordable.  A list owner can only guarantee click throughs.  Opt ins are up to you and your skill as a copy writer.  You must have a very strong offer to get people to sign up.  My suggestion is to give away your very best information as a report or ebook.  You may only have one chance to have someone opt in … don’t waste it!

What are solo ads and how do I find places to use them?

More than likely an ezine in your niche will offer solo ads.
1. You can search for “your niche” + “ezine” to find them.

2. You can find people who are building lists in the marketplace that you are involved in. Search “your niche” + solo ads to find them.

3. You can find lots of people doing solo ads at the Warrior Forum!   Log in and do a search for solo ads.  Look for comments from people who have bought solo ads and make sure that they got what they were asking for.  Make sure you are dealing with someone who will make you happy!

4. There is a site called Directory of Ezines.  They are very expensive to join at $197.00.  I am not an affiliate of theirs, just letting you know that they exist.

5. There is a site called Ad Swaps that has a a free section of people who offer solo ads.  Again, you have to sign up but you do not have to be a paid member to use the solo ad section.

What are solo ads and why should you use them?

If you have more money than time.  It does take a lot of time to blog or write articles.  Or you are just looking for a quick easy way to drive laser targeted traffic to your offer, solo ads are the way to go.

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